Warrant suspect jailed after fleeing Arnold Police in alleged heroin incident

Arnold, Pa. – A warrant suspect is lodged in the Westmoreland County jail and charged with Felony 3 Flight To Avoid Apprehension/Trial/Punishment and M2 Recklessly Endangering Another Person after police responded to a possible drug incident at a local Sunoco gas station.

According to the police criminal complaint, Arnold Police responded to the Freeport Road location after a clerk called police to report a male and female inside a green Chrysler van suspected of shooting up herion.

Prior to police arrival, the van fled the scene and began traveling South on Freeport Road. The van passed police when the officer activated emergency light and sirens in an attempt to stop the vehicle. The suspect vehicle fled at a high rate of speed, turning right onto Moore Avenue nearly hitting a parked vehicle. Police say the driver turned right into Cataba Alley and subsequently jumped out of the vehicle with his cell phone falling to the ground and began running between houses on Kimball Avenue traveling downhill.

When the driver fled the vehicle, it was left in gear and continued down the alleyway. Police attempted to get the vehicle stopped fearing it would go down the hill and into a house, but a female passenger was able to get into the driver’s seat to stop the vehicle from proceeding any further. The female was placed into custody as a short foot pursuit began by a second officer who spotted the driver.

After a search of the area, police were unable to locate 28 year-old Milan Fundrella of Vandergrift. Arnold Police said a search of the vehicle turned up a black wallet with two PA identification cards for Fundrella matching the male who fled from the vehicle. Upon running Fundrella’s information, it was discovered he had an active warrant out of state parole.

Police also observed 17 hypodermic needles, approximately 16 empty stamp bags labeled, “GODFATHER” in red ink, multiple spoons and tourniquets in an open black purse.

Fundrella was located and lodged in the Westmoreland County jail on June 22, 2019 stemming from the original incident on 03/04/2019. The female passenger was not charged in the incident.