Warrant suspect hiding in closet after domestic incident

Arnold, Pa. – Police in Arnold arrested a warrant suspect wanted out of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office after a reported domestic incident in the 1900 block of Woodmont Avenue early last week.

Upon arrival, police could hear a male and female arguing from outside the apartment. After knocking for approximately five minutes, a female came to the door and informed police that she and her boyfriend, Joseph Donachy were arguing but he had left.

Police knew that to be a false statement as the only exit to the apartment was the front door. Officers has requested to come inside the residence to make sure everything was okay. Upon entering the apartment, police checked a closet at the top of the stairs and noticed the handle be to be stiff as if it was being held from the inside.

Police announced their presence and ordered the subject to exit the closet. Upon opening the door, officers took Joseph Donachy, age 37 of Arnold into custody. Upon a search of Donachy, officers discovered two cap hypodermic needles in the front left hoodie pocket. Donachy told officers he uses the hypodermic needles to inject his Suboxone and periodically heroin.

Officers also located a marijuana smoking pipe next to a prescription bottle with Donachy’s information on it. After running the suspects information, it was discovered Donachy had an active arrest warrant from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. Donachy also informed police that he was currently on probation with Allegheny County and Westmoreland County Adult Probation.

Westmoreland County Probation was notified of the incident and the suspect was transported to New Kensington lock up. All evidence was taken back to the police department where the hypodermic needles were placed into a Sharps container and the marijuana pipe was placed into evidence.

Donachy Charges: Use/Poss Of Drug Paraph 02/03/2019. A Preliminary Hearing is scheduled on 03/07/2019 @ 10:30 am before the Honorable Magisterial District Judge Frank J. Pallone Jr.