Suspect found deceased in SWAT incident in Delmont

Image Courtesy Terry Rupert

Delmont, Pa. – (Update @ 9:36 am Sunday Morning) Authorities said the incident happened at a home on West Pine Street in Delmont late Sunday evening. Nearby houses were evacuated as well as SR 66 from SR 22 to Manor Road were closed down to traffic while a SWAT team and police attempted to get the man to come outside. At approximately 10:25 pm, the actor was found deceased in the home from an apparent gunshot wound. No other injuries were reported.

AKVNEWS.COM is receiving reports of a police incident near SR 66 near Abbe Place and Manor road. Sources report SR 66 is shut down from SR 22 to Manor Road due to police incident with multiple units arriving on scene.

The exact nature of the incident is not yet confirmed. Once source is reporting a SWAT truck to be in the area with multiple police units. AKVNEWS.COM will update this story as more details become available.