Police in New Kensington seize 70.22 grams of cocaine

New Kensington, Pa. – One person is arrested after a traffic violation along Stevenson Boulevard near Memorial Park that resulted in the seizure of 70.22 grans of cocaine late Monday night in New Kensington.

New Kensington Police Sgt. Kevin Hess said Patrolman Jerry Hobeck initiated the stop after a blue Dodge Caravan was observed swerving on the roadway. Arrested in the incident was Katelynn Carney, age 33 of New Kensington.

Sgt. Hess said Carney was driving under the influence and refused a blood draw. A search of the vehicle revealed a Ziploc bag located under the driver’s seat. Carney faces several charges including DUI, Possession with intent to deliver and possession of a controlled substance. Street price for a gram of cocaine is approximately $50-$100.

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