Pet owners suffer burns trying to rescue 5 goats in Allegheny Township barn fire

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Allegheny Township, Pa. – Several fire departments assisted Allegheny Township fire crews after a small goat barn catches fire and burns to the ground just before 7:00 pm in the 6100 block of Garvers Ferry Road.

Owner Brian Peltier said he came home from work and noticed smoke coming from the barn where all his animals were located. Peltier and his wife rushed in and tried to save as many pets as they could but could only save 2 pigs and 3 baby goats. 5 goats passed away said Peltier, one of those a baby that was born yesterday. At least 2 of the goats were being given oxygen after minor smoke inhalation.

Goat barn destroyed in Allegheny Township on March 15, 2017

© Image Copyright | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

While trying to rescue all the animals, Peltier said he sustained minor burns and his wife sustained 2nd degree burns to her back and arms. Mrs. Peltier was subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment.

Aided by high winds, the small wooden structure the size of a car garage quickly burned to the ground. Firefighters pushed over a few charred pieces of wood and doused the fire until it was totally extinguished.

Peltier said a small heat lamp was being utilized in the barn and believes one of the goats knocked it over causing a fire.

Assisting Allegheny Township at the scene: Allegheny Township Police, Lower Kiski EMS, Freeport EMS and fire crews along with the Markle Fire Department.