Out of control driver causes extensive damage to house in Greensburg

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Greensburg, Pa. – The driver of a pickup truck was shaken up and transported from the scene by EMS crews after losing control of his vehicle and striking a utility pole. The pole snapped in half and the driver continued about 50′ further before ramming into a front porch causing thousands of dollars worth of damages.

The incident occurred just after 3:00 pm Friday afternoon at the residence of Charles A. Colarusso along South Hamilton Street in Greensburg. Mr. Colarusso said he was sitting in his living room right next to the front porch when he heard a loud noise thinking his house was struck by lightning. After getting up from his chair, he saw a car into his house and a telephone pole knocked off.

Mr. Colarusso said he’s known the guy all his life but didn’t know what caused him to have the accident. The extent of the man’s injuries was unknown.