Residents Against Illicit Drugs (aka RAID)

Credit is due for the outstanding work that Armstrong County’s District Attorney Scott Andreassi, Sheriff Bill Rupert and Coroner Brian Myers have done in bringing awareness and education about today’s drug addiction crisis to their constituents.

These three gentlemen have played a key role in the success and growth that Residents Against Illicit Drugs (aka RAID) since we got our start less than two years ago.

They have been there to open lines of communications for us, support our programs, provide our team members with training vital to understanding our mission and serving as a solid foundation for us to build upon.

Started as a small group of Apollo citizens that shared a common concern for the impact of drugs on our community, RAID has since blossomed into an independent non-profit corporation that has brought awareness, education and support in the many areas of the drug culture to the people of both southern and central Armstrong County. With the rising number of heroin and opioid related deaths, there has been an asserted effort to also include public training in the administration of Narcan.

RAID recently set our attention to expanding our base of operations to Armstrong’s northern border by establishing a separate chapter in Parker City. This effort was formalized this past week with a town hall meeting where Mr. Rupert, Myers and Andreassi were joined by Clarion County District Attorney Mark Aaron as a panel of speakers to a packed house of more than one hundred locals.

There is so much more to these gentlemen than the “average Joe” reads about in the news. While each of them work very hard at their public jobs, most days don’t stop there. This team of musketeers truly cares about positive change around the county and let their actions be their testimony!

Thank you Brian, Scott and Bill. Despite the demands of public office, you constituently rise above and beyond in your commitment to others.


Jeff Held
Founder of RAID and Chairman of RAID’s Apollo Chapter