NKPD: Incident was “not” child luring

New Kensington, Pa. – New Kensington Police Chief Bob Deringer clarified yesterday’s incident involving a 16 year-old female from Arnold who was allegedly being followed by a 30 year-old male on a bicycle from Arnold as she was walking to school.

Chief Deringer said the female student was late for school and was walking along Constitution Boulevard when she subsequently noticed a male on a bicycle somewhere near Linden Street/Valley Bare area who appeared to be following her.

The male did make contact with the student and proceeded to ask her a question, according to the chief. The female kept walking to school and there was no criminal interaction with the student. This was not a case of “child luring” said Chief Deringer, but more of a harassment issue. The female student was frightened and told security about the incident when she got to school.

Several Facebook comments eluded to the fact that this incident was a child luring incident. AKVNEWS.COM had learned a phone message was sent from the school alerting parents of an incident, but it was not clear of the specific nature of the incident. Some parents were confused by the message and subsequent Facebook posts.

Through the course of the police investigation, the male was subsequently identified and questioned by police. No charges have been filed.