New Kensington Street Department, Vo-Tech students & New Ken/Arnold Social in the Park team up for new dance pad

© Hotshot Images by AKVNEWS/Paul R. Lowes/Staff Photographer

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – Students from the Northern Westmoreland Vocational School help put the finishing touches on the new concrete dance pad located in Memorial Park late last week in preparation for upcoming summer activities in the local park.

Supervision for the 10th to 12th grade students involved in the project comes from Vo-Tech masonry instructor Nick Lombardo and carpentry instructor Joe Scalise. Assisting with the project and providing an equal amount of work was the New Kensington Street Department. New Kensington Councilman and Parks Manager Doug Aftanas requested fellow Councilman Tim DiMaio to oversee the project.

© Hotshot Images by AKVNEWS/Paul R. Lowes/Staff Photographer

The concrete truck arrived shortly after noon, and the pour was completed in just about an hour. Students helped with the spreading and finishing of the concrete dance pad in front of the stage. Vo-Tech/Kiski High School students Tyler Ozarowicz and Chad Bownam transported the overflow concrete to a different area of the park for repair of an electrical panel pad.

© Hotshot Images by AKVNEWS/Paul R. Lowes/Staff Photographer

Money for this project was donated by The New Ken/Arnold Social in the Park Committee. Founded in August 2011 by Rob Greb, the group is a collection of friends and family that get together to socialize; staging events so everyone can meet face to face. Grebs felt that Facebook brought everyone together and so the birth of the first event was held in September 2011 at Memorial Park New Kensington.

Along with the socializing was food vendors, music, and fund raising. The committee raised $425.00 and donated it to the city to help pay for the new bathrooms, since the old ones were destroyed by vandals. In 2012 the committee raised a little over $3,000.00, which went towards the renovations and repairs of the Band Stage at Memorial Park. In 2013 they raised nearly $2,300.00 which was used towards the renovation of the current project involving Vo-Tech Students.

In 2013, The New Ken/Arnold Social in the Park Committee added Rockin’ Roosevelt, a Benefit Concert for Roosevelt Park in Arnold to help raise monies to staff the park to keep it open during the summer months for the children. The 2014 Benefit Concert was held just a few weeks ago and has become a popular annual event.

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