Lower Burrell Police investigating potential child luring incident near Clearview Credit Union

Lower Burrell, Pa. – Yesterday the Lower Burrell Police Department received a report that a white male, possibly in his late 60’s, 6’1” tall, 200 lbs, light grey hair and grey scruff, wearing a shirt that said “Jesus” and khaki pants approached a teenage girl who was seated in a car at the Clearview Credit Union.

This male, who was accompanied by a small child, was reportedly motioning for the female to put the car window down. When the female refused and picked up her phone to make a call the male appeared agitated and walked away. He was seen getting into a grey or silver truck, possibly a Chevrolet, and leaving the area.

Investigating officers have learned this male is a customer of the credit union. We are attempting to positively identify the male and make contact with him regarding this incident. At this time this person has not committed a crime, but in today’s world his behavior was perceived as suspicious by the person who reported this to 911. Her concern may have been that this male was attempting to lure a child. Though that has not been established yet, I would agree with her concern and say they she was correct in making this report.

As we continue to look into this incident please immediately call 911 if you observe any suspicious activity which matches any of the information provided above. Again, at this time the individual described above is not a suspect in a crime. He is simply a person we are interested in talking with about the aforementioned encounter in the parking lot. That said, please use this young person’s actions in reporting this incident as an example of what to do when you observe something like this. If you follow the slogan advanced by the citizens of New York City following the 911 attacks, “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING” then we all take a part in protecting our community members, especially our children.

Thank You,
Chief Weitzel