Lower Burrell man arrested for drug DUI -“HEAD Game” stamp bags

Arnold, Pa. – A Lower Burrell man is arrested after toxicology reports from a blood draw indicate fentanyl, norfentanyl, and benzoylecgonine as the probable cause for erratic driving through the streets of Arnold and New Kensington.

According to the police criminal complaint, Ronald Aaron Hecker, age 53 of Lower Burrell was observed driving erratically in the area of Richmond Street in Freeport Road. Hecker was operating a white Dodge Caliber and was doing so in a careless disregard for the safety of other motorists and pedestrians. Hecker was also observed in a manner in which at times he was swerving to the center of the roadway crossing over the double yellow lines having difficulty maintaining his proper position on the roadway.

At one point Hecker, was completely on the opposite side of the road and traveling toward oncoming traffic nearly hitting a vehicle head on. Hecker stopped his vehicle after a right turn coming to a stop over the curb and on the sidewalk. It was at this time that Arnold Police made contact with the driver of the Dodge. While gathering information from Hecker, police said his demeanor was indicative of someone that was under the influence as his speech was very delayed and lackadaisical – appearing emotional at times.

Hecker was given field sobriety tests which he failed. He was then advised that he was suspected of driving under the influence and was now under arrest and taken into police custody. During the search, Hecker was found to be in possession of a total of seven empty stamp bags that were discovered in the left front upper small pant pocket.

The stamp bags are believed to have once contained heroin and were marked “HEAD Game” in red lettering with an image of a Red Skull with a partial soccer ball within the design. The stamp bags were entered into evidence. Hecker was transported to Allegheny Valley hospital for a blood draw.

Hecker Charges: 12/17/2018- M DUI: Controlled Substance or Metabolite 1st Offense, M DUI: Controlled Substance – Impaired Ability – 1st Offense, S Careless Driving and M Use/Poss Of Drug Paraphernalia.

A Preliminary Hearing is scheduled on 02/07/2019 @10:15 am before the Honorable Magisterial District Judge Frank J. Pallone Jr.