High winds blow part of church roof off in New Kensington, West Tarentum completely dark

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New Kensington, Pa. – High winds near 60 mph pounded parts of the Alle-Kiski Valley overnight with most of the reported damages in New Kensington, Tarentum, Frazer Township, and East Deer Township. The National Weather Services issued a Tornado Warning @ 1:15 am.

In New Kensington, high winds ripped off part of the roof at St. Marys Church in the 800 block of Kenneth Avenue leaving boards and tin roofing scattered over streets and sidewalks. Kenneth Avenue was closed due to heavy roof debris in the middle of the street along with electrical wires dangling from utility poles. New Kensington Fire Chief Ed Saliba Jr. reported New Kensington took a heck of a hit overnight with multiple areas being closed off due to downed power lines and downed trees. St. Marys Church sustained a significant amount of water damage as the Southern side of the roof was completely gone exposing roof trusses. Chief Saliba instructed his fire crews to bring as many tarps to the church as possible to limit the amount of damage inside the church. As of 5:15 am, Chief Saliba said his crews were on their 11th call of the morning.

Fire crews were seen cutting tree debris along 7th Street and 4th Avenue while West Penn Power crews worked on a totally dark section of Esther Avenue on the hill of New Kensington. Daylight in New Kensington will reveal much more damage than initially reported, said one resident of Freeport Road.

Tarentum: West Tarentum was in total darkness after high winds blew down utility poles, trees, wires, and transformers. Several residents told AKVNEWS.COM it was truly calm before the storm but when the storm did hit, it was like a roaring freight train. Crews were called to parts of Bakerstown Road leading out of Tarentum after a transformer caught fire as well as downed wires that were sparking and arching just before 2:00 am. Radio reports indicated a partial building collapse in West Tarentum.

In a separate incident in the 1600 block of Days Run Road, the homeowner reported pine trees down on his house and unable to exit the residence. Fire crews were advised a power line down in front of his door and he could smell smoke but was unable to determine the source. Multiple power outages were reported throughout the Alle-Kiski Valley.

No injuries were reported throughout the area. Today’s forecast is to be sunny and warm!!

© Images & Video Copyright Lowes Computers | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM