Harrison Township Police seize 4 bricks of suspected heroin; paraphernalia in Natrona

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Harrison Township, Pa. – Police in Harrison Township made 2 arrests in Natrona after a report of a suspicious vehicle sitting near the intersection of Walnut Street and River Avenue about 8:30 Saturday morning.

Law Enforcement Officer Christopher Cottone was dispatched to the area of Walnut Street and River Avenue for a report of a suspicious vehicle that had been sitting on the street for an extended period of time. It was also reported that two female occupants were to be throwing garbage and clothing out of the vehicle.

Police arrived on scene and observed garbage such as clothing and food wrappers laying on the ground underneath and beside the vehicle. Police ran the vehicle’s registration plate through Allegheny County dispatch and received information the vehicle was reported stolen out of Parks Township in Armstrong County.

Both females were observed attempting to get out of the vehicle and approached Officer Cottone in a confrontational manner. The driver was identified as Heather Stefanik, age 24 of Grant Street in Vandergrift and the passenger was identified as Lynzie Nicole Johnson, age 23 of 7th Avenue in Ford City.

Heather Stefanik

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Lynzie Johnson

© Images & Video Copyright Lowes Computers | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

As the driver was getting out of the vehicle, police observed a silver in color crack pipe laying on the floor board beside the seat. Both females became confrontational and began questioning why police were stopping behind their vehicle. Within minutes, Harrison Township Law Enforcement Officer Sgt. Brian Turack arrived on scene along with Brackenridge Law Enforcement Officer Joshua Grafton to assist in the investigation.

The driver, Heather Stefanik advised police she did not have owner information on the vehicle but may have the sales slip in the passenger side glove box. Harrison Police notified Parks Township Police Department that they had a suspect vehicle in Natrona. Parks Township Police advised that the two individuals in the vehicle were suspects in a burglary in which coins, firearms, jewelry and long guns were stolen from a residence in Parks Township.

Harrison Police advised Stefanik she was going to be arrested because the vehicle was confirmed to be stolen and that a crack pipe had previously been observed on the driver side floorboard. Stefanik was placed in handcuffs and searched incident to the arrest.

Police located a clear plastic sandwich style bag that was containing several stamp bags of suspected heroin and heroin which was inside a Newport cigarettes box. The box was visibly different than the other ones in the purse because it visibly was stretched out and obviously contained something.

Police also located several dozen empty stamp bags along with stamp bags that were packaged in custom delivery standards. Also observed were 4 bricks of suspected heroin packaged separately in white color stamp bags. Others were unmarked and wrapped with rubber bands. Police also observed additional bundles of heroin packaged in the same clear plastic sandwich style bag.

The drugs: 44 stamp bags were wrapped in a black rubber band, approximately 50 stamp bags wrapped in a blue rubber band, approximately 49 stamp bags wrapped in a green rubber band and approximately 50 stamp bags wrapped in a yellow rubber band, Police said there was one bundle with approximately 13 stamp bags wrapped in a yellow rubber band.

Multiple items of drug paraphernalia were seized as evidence along with several antique and collector coins that were packaged in coin bags.

In the rear of the vehicle was a three-year-old child sitting in a child seat unrestrained. Harrison Police requested an ambulance to respond to the location to assist with the three year old female child who was transported back to the Harrison Township police station and evaluated by Citizens Hose EMS.

While on scene, Brackenridge Law Enforcement Officer Grafton also located an additional stamp bag of suspected heroin laying in the seat pouch directly in front of the child.

Both suspects were transported to the Harrison Township holding cell for initial processing and were subsequently transported to Allegheny County Jail for an arraignment.

Driver Stefanik Charges: Possession with intent to distribute, possession, recklessly endangering another person (3 year-old child in vehicle), endangering welfare of children, possession of drug paraphernalia and receiving stolen property.

Passenger Johnson Charges: Possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The 3 year-old was released to family and is in good health.

Harrison Township Police would like to thank the alert resident who observed suspicious activity and reported the incident to police.

Both suspects were released on bail after their preliminary arraignment and are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 22nd before the Honorable Magisterial District Justice Carolyn Bengel.