Frazer Police hires 5 new Law Enforcement Officers

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Frazer Township, Pa. – Frazer Township Police Chief Terry Kuhns said five new officers were welcomed to the Frazer Township Police family after a recent two tier interview process to select new officers.

The new officers are Shelby Hubert, Grant Mularski, Nathan Oesterling, Joshua Rosenblatt and Nicholas Walter. They will start with their orientation, firearms qualifications and field training during the week of June 17th, 2019, said Chief Kuhns.

Chief Kuhns said there’s been little trouble getting new candidates, as prior officers from Frazer Police recommend Frazer Township as a good place to start their career in Law Enforcement.

Chief Kuhns also told AKVNEWS.COM the candidates come from varying areas like New Castle, Pittsburgh and the North Hills. To the residents and businesses of Frazer Townhip, please welcome them to the community, requested Chief Terry Kuhns.

Current officers were commended for yet another productive and proactive month of protecting the community.
The following are the statistics for May, 2019.

-Fifteen (15) Driving under the influence (DUI)
-Twelve (12) Retail theft (Several at the felony level)
-Seven (7) Drug related arrests including two (2) Felony : possession with the intent to deliver Heroin, Crack Cocaine and THC.
-Four(4) additional charges relating to Assault, Domestic Assault and Defiant Trespassing.

TRAFFIC CITATIONS: One Hundred Seven (107)
-The majority of which were for Operating a vehicle while under suspension of driver license, speeding,, stop sign violations, and failure to have a vehicle insured or inspected.