Driver cited for speeding after flipping big rig near de-icing bridge on Expressway

Harrison Township, Pa. – A Florida man walks away from his overturned rig about 12:30 pm Thursday afternoon after losing control near the de-icing bridge in Harrison Township on the Allegheny Valley Expressway.

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State Police said James R. Hess, age 38 of Florida will be charged with speeding in the incident. The driver told AKVNEWS.COM he felt something “kick” after crossing the bridge when he lost control and couldn’t compensate or “correct” the rig once it started to slide. The coil weighed approximately 45,000 lbs. and when it came loose from the trailer it created a 3′ hole along the berm before rolling in the dirt area next to the hillside chasing the tractor-trailer.

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The big rig came to rest upside down just prior to a big sign that promotes food options at Exit 15 – Natrona Heights. The rig was nearly brand new said the driver, a 2019 truck with just about 10,000 miles on it. Despite the extensive and total damage to the truck, it was a miracle the driver walked away. He was wearing his seat belt.

Heavy tow crews from Terry’s Towing of Brackenridge set the big rig back on it’s wheels with precision and speed while Southbound traffic sat a standstill until the operation could be completed.

Citizens Hose EMS evaluated the driver while fire crews maintained traffic control through the area. Firefighters cleaned mud debris from the side of the roadway as a result of the accident. Assisting Citizens Hose in the incident was Harrison Hills Fire Department.

© Images & Video Copyright Lowes Computers | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM