Dog owners being harassed in Lower Burrell park

Lower Burrell, Pa. – From Chief Tim Weitzel, Lower Burrell police.

I received a forwarded Facebook post about a middle-aged couple harassing dog owners at Officer Derek Kotecki Memorial Park. If you experience or observe this couple harassing you or anyone else please call 911 and an officer will be dispatched to investigate the complaint.

Dog walking is welcome at Lower Burrell City Parks. This couple does not have the right to harass or accost anyone in our parks and an officer will respond if called to an incident where this is occurring. If you do experience this unwanted contact please maintain your composure, do not engage them, and call the police. Please walk away from the encounter and await the officer’s arrival as he will want to speak with you prior to addressing the other people involved. If you feel you must leave, please provide the dispatcher a telephone number so the officer can contact you.

That said, please remember you must keep your dogs leashed while in the park and you must clean up after them. Please continue to enjoy the City’s parks and call us for help if you need us.