2nd Suspect charged with criminal homicide in Arnold shooting

Bailey Ann Hines

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Arnold, Pa. – A second suspect in the shooting death of an East Franklin Township man faced a preliminary arraignment Wednesday night at District Magistrate Frank Pallone’s Court on charges of Criminal Homicide, Conspiracy, and Robbery.

Westmoreland County Detective John Clark said Bailey Ann Hines, age 24 of Butler was picked up this morning without incident in Butler Township with the assistance of Butler County Detectives and PSP Butler.

Hines faces the following charges: H1 Conspiracy – Criminal Homicide 06/28/2019, F1 Conspiracy – Robbery-Inflict Serious Bodily Injury, H1 Criminal Homicide and F1 Robbery-Inflict Serious Bodily Injury.

A Preliminary Hearing is scheduled for August 29th @ 10:00 am before the Honorable District Magistrate Frank Pallone Jr.

Hines was denied bail and transported to the Westmoreland County Jail following the arraignment.

(Original Story from 8-12-2019) Allen Duwayne Herring, age 32 of Braddock arrived early Monday morning at Judge Frank Pallone’s court by way of Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office to face a preliminary hearing in the June 28th shooting death of Gregory Wynkoop, age 35 of East Franklin Township.

Allen Herring

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According to the police criminal complaint, Arnold Police received a call for shots fired in the area of Woodmont and Taylor Avenue in Arnold. Police responded to a back yard in Kenva Alley to find the victim had wrecked into the rear of a house at 1514 Woodmont Avenue. The victim’s wallet and two cell phones were found nearby a white KIA.

Wynkoop was transported by New Kensington EMS to Allegheny Valley hospital and was later pronounced dead about 7:18 pm. An autopsy revealed Wynkoop died from a gunshot wound(s).

Wynkoop was allegedly in Arnold to buy crack cocaine and gave a woman $70 to arrange the drug buy. The woman and another female allegedly went to Herring and told him about the white Kia and the victim having a lot of money.

While the females and Wynkoop were riding around on the Arnold Hill, Herring instructed them to drive down North Street and pull into Kenva Alley. Herring got into the vehicle and then told Wynkoop to pull into the gravel lot off the alley on the Woodmont side of the alley.

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Subsequently, Herring met with the two females and advised the girls that he shot Wynkoop while they were wrestling for a gun while he was robbing him.

At today’s hearing – charges were waived to the Westmoreland County Common Pleas Court. Herring was returned to the Westmoreland County Jail.

Herring Charges in this incident:

H1 Criminal Homicide 06/28/2019 Waived for Court
2 18 § 3701 §§ A1V F1 Robbery-Take Property Fr Other/Force 06/28/2019 Waived for Court
3 18 § 903 F1 Conspiracy – Robbery-Take Property Fr Other/Force 06/28/2019 Waived for Court
4 18 § 6105 §§ A1 F1 Possession Of Firearm Prohibited 06/28/2019 Waived for Court
5 18 § 6106 §§ A1 F3 Firearms Not To Be Carried W/O License