100 Employees in Avonmore to be laid-off

Avonmore, Pa. – Workers at a steel processing plant in Avonmore, Westmoreland County are set to be laid off after officials cited excess capacity and high operating costs that have forced the company to shut down the plant permanently.

Current owner, Ampco-Pittsbugh said the companies goal is to close the Akers plant and ultimately sell the facility. More than 100 workers will lose their jobs in the process.

Recent company statement on the closing: “As previously stated in our Press Release of May 10, 2019, excess capacity and high operating costs in our cast roll business have made operation of the Avonmore facility untenable. It is with regret that we are forced to close this facility which will impact the lives of many loyal, long-term employees of Akers National Roll Company.”

The company plans to begin letting go employees in July with the plant closing by the end of September.