Two Kiski Township firefighters rescued after horrific plunge over steep hillside

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Kiski Township, Pa. – Two Kiski Township firefighters were rescued after a single-vehicle crash along Glorietta Hill Road just after 10:00 am Monday Morning. Rescue crews worked with precision and skill setting up ropes and stokes baskets to reach the injured men.

Police and EMS crews were first on scene to find two men at the bottom of a 400′ drop with the vehicle laying cross ways in a creek-bed. Both men were found outside the vehicle when 1st responders made it to the bottom of the steep ravine.

EMS crews worked to stabilize both men while rescue crews from Vandergrift #2, Kiski Township and Markle fire department set up ropes and deploying personnel in specific places on the hillside in preparation for pulling both men back up the hillside to the hard roadway.

© Image Copyright | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

The rescue efforts worked flawlessly as the first firefighter was placed in a stokes basket and carried about 75′ downstream to a more suitable location where firefighters manned rescue ropes to pull the first victim back up to the roadway. Victim #1 was placed in the ambulance and transported to Forbes Regional Hospital. His injuries were not immediately known.

The second victim was worked on by medical personnel in a stokes basket awaiting transport down the creek-bed and back up the steep grade to the road surface. Victim #2 was also ground transported to Forbes Regional hospital injuries unknown.

Helicopters were not able to fly the victims due to inclement weather.

Kiski Township Jerrod Thompson said both victims were seriously injured and the investigation into the cause of the crash was just beginning. Both victims were conscious, and the driver of the vehicle was really concerned for his passenger. Chief Thompson said more details would be released at a later time.

© Image Copyright | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

Kochka & Son Towing of Vandergrift removed the vehicle from the ravine.