Two Alle Kiski Pavillion staff members assaulted, one arrested

Arnold, Pa. – One man was arrested late Friday evening after an assault takes place at the Alle Kiski Pavilion in the 1700 block of 4th Avenue in the City of Arnold.

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Law Enforcement Officers Josh Stanga and Officer Biricocchi were dispatched to the Alle Kiski Pavilion at approximately 2051 hours for an assault of a staff employee by a resident of the Pavilion.

According to the police criminal complaint, 25 year-old Michael Hamilton assaulted two employees inside the structure. Victim #1 told police Hamilton struck him in the head and grabbed him by the throat making comments about “What he was doing in there”. Victim #1 was a recent surgery patient and was asked if he needed medical attention. Victim #1 declined any medical attention.

The second victim was in her office going over information with victim #1. Victim #2 stated the defendant had come into her office yelling, “What are you doing here”? That’s when Hamilton grabbed victim #1 and assaulted him. Victim #2 stated she yelled at Hamilton to get out of the office and that was when he turned and looked at her. Victim #2 stated Hamilton forcefully grabbed her on the outside of her right breast and grabbed hold of her shirt, undershirt and bra.

The defendant pulled with such force exposing her breast. Multiple other residents arrived and had to forcefully remove Hamilton. Victim #2 who then got on a radio to call other staff members. Through the police investigation, officers observed the victim’s shirt to be torn and stretched from the incident.

The complaint also states Hamilton appeared to have trouble keeping his balance and continued to resist arrest by police officers. After a brief struggle, officers were able to handcuff Hamilton and escort him to a police unit on 4th Avenue where he refused to get into the police car.

© Image Copyright | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

Officer Stanga and Biricocchi escorted Hamilton to New Kensington Lockup for processing charging him with 2 counts of Felony 1 Aggravated Assault, M1 Indecent Assault Forcible Compulsion, one count resisting arrest and one count of simple assault.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 12 before the Honorable District Magistrate Frank Pallone Jr. Hamilton currently resides in the Westmoreland County Jail. The Alle Kiski Pavillion is a housing unit for State Parolees.

Assisting at the scene was New Kensington EMS.