Springdale Township home sustains moderate fire damages

Sprinddale Township

Springdale Township, Pa. – Several fire departments responded to a reported electric fire in a house located on Rachael Street in Springdale Township just before 1:00 pm Tuesday afternoon.

Springdale Township Police Chief Mike Naviglia reported to 911 Dispatch all occupants were out of the house, as fire crews were arriving on scene. Fire crews got busy and extinguished the fire while several other firefighters cut holes in the double roof for ventilation while checking for fire extention.

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A neighbor next door said the male occupant of the house was being treated for smoke inhalation. The neighbor also said he immediately got the garden hose out to try to keep the fire from spreading.

Assisting Springdale Station #315 was Highland Hose and a few other departments. The exact cause of the fire was being investigated by the Allegheny County Fire Marshal.