Shooting suspect dead, 2 females shot in Harrison Township’s Sheldon Park

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Harrison Township, Pa. – At approximately 9 PM Monday evening, County 9-1-1 received calls reporting a shooting in the 40th block of Municipal Drive, Sheldon Park, in Harrison Township. Responding police and paramedics found two females, one of whom is a juvenile, suffering from gunshot wounds. Both females were transported to local trauma centers. No information is available on their conditions.

Witnesses reported that the suspect fled into a neighboring apartment and barricaded himself. ACPD SWAT was requested to the scene and set up a perimeter around building #40 & 42.

At about 10:00 pm, it was reported the male suspect was inside a second floor apartment building throwing objects down the steps, and a juvenile female barricaded herself inside a closet texting to police as the incident was unfolding around her.

AKVNEWS.COM on scene: Multiple SWAT personnel arrived on scene, gearing up and shoring up the perimeter as multiple announcements could be heard over a bullhorn near the front entrance to the apartment. Shortly afterwards, a flash bang was set off along with sirens from a nearby police unit activated. Then, a short time later, individual low sounding shots could be heard, but it wasn’t clearly visible where those shots were coming from.

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As time progress to 11:00 pm, SWAT members could be seen at the front door of #42 appearing to utilize possibly keys to gain entrance to the building. From the time the alleged shooting suspect stopped throwing objects down the steps, the scene was extremely quiet. A bright light was pointed at an upstairs window, but no suspect was insight or could be heard.

The incident ended at approximately 11:30 pm as SWAT crews entered the structure and subsequently returned from the apartment building in a very calm fashion. Sources indicated the shooting suspect was dead. It’s unclear how the suspect died and no name has been released.

The condition of the female shooting victims is not known and the hospital they had been transferred to was not released. ACPD Homicide was requested and has initiated an investigation.

Citizens Hose EMS remained on scene throughout the incident treating at least one female covered in a pink blanket who did not appear to be injured.

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Assisting Harrison Police was Frazer PD, Tarentum PD, Brackenridge PD, Springdale Boro PD and East Deer Police Department. Citizen’s Hose Station #167 was dispatched to the scene for lighting utility as ACPD Homicide worked to investigate and document the incident location.

AKVNEWS.COM will update this story as more details are released.

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