Report: 6 Firefighters injured battling tire fire at junk yard in Frazer Township

Facebook Image – Eureka Fire Rescue EMS

Image Courtesy Terry Rupert

Frazer Township, Pa. – (Active Incident) Multiple fire departments are responded to Hloznik’s junkyard in Frazer Township at 304 Clarks Pike Road just after 9:04 am Sunday morning.

Read the active fire details below………as they occurred.


Fire crews are working to contain several cars on fire and reportedly a large amount of tires on fire. Heavy plumes of smoke can be see from several areas near the Mills Mall and the Allegheny Valley Expressway.

Frazer fire command requested Tarentum’s Eureka, Fire Rescue to the scene with a foam truck. Frazer command is requesting more manpower to the scene. Radio reports indicate the water supply appears to be sufficient with multiple relay trucks in the chain.

West Penn Power has been requested to expedite – fire crews are not able to advance up a hill until electric power is cut to the scene.

Fire appears to be contained to a building on site ( 10:11 am )

Two firefighters injured: one back and one shoulder injury ( 10:16 am ) One person w/chest pain – 10:28 am

Murrysville Medic One & Pioneer Hose called to the scene for rehab ( 10:18 am )

Citizen Hose Fire Chief Sean Jones inquiring about West Penn Power arrival – West Penn 1-2 hours – Fire crews concerned about live electrical lines and cannot progress.

Reported brush fire started from downed power lines – Command requesting West Penn Power Expedite (10:30) am

One patient being transported @ 10:31 am

Two patients being transported @ 10:34 am

Another firefighter being evaluated for chest pain @ 10:35 (Lower Valley EMS evaluating)

Eureka has County foam trailer on scene.

EMS operations to move to North Public Safety however NK EMS 125 does not have frequency for communications.

Clarks Pike Command: Station 150 for 4-wheel drive tanker to approach on Butler Logan Road side.

10:43 AM – No update on fire progression, more unit being called to the scene.

Decontamination tent on way to scene from Pioneer Hose @ 10:50 am

Allegheny Power on scene to kill electric line @ 10:55 am — Power line secured @ 10:59 am

112 (Pioneer Hose) Decon on scene @ 11:01

Multiple ATV’s called to the scene.

Radio traffic has diminished considerably but no word if fire is under control.

1:33 pm – Fire crews are wrapping up at the scene, hoses are being rolled up and fire chiefs are taking one last look to insure all work has been completed.

NOTE: At least 3 firefighters were injured during the fire incident. AKNVEWS will update this story as more details become available. The Allegheny County fire marshal has been called to the scene.

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Responding List Incomplete: NK 125 EMS – Frazer Fire, Eureka Fire, Citizens Hose, Arnold Engine 95, Cheswick 121, Station 169 Harrison, 281 EMS, Pioneer Hose,