Alle-Kiski Valley: Rain showers are expected to turn into storms by Wednesday night.

Alle-Kiski Valley Weather by Amateur Forecaster Logan Webb: Currently in the Valley it’s 71° with showers. With a little break in the showers coming by 7:00 pm, tomorrow will be a different story.

According to the NWS Facebook page, we a have a slight risk for thunderstorms on Wednesday September 26th. There will be periods of Heavy Rain and Strong Winds, however this is very isolated.

According to the West Penn Power Facebook page, this may be enough Wind to knock down a Power line or Utility pole as well as the risk of Trees Down. They recommend you call their office or 911 if there are wires down or trees touching the wires. This may be a serious situation.

Always treat Power Lines as if they are live! The low for tonight is expected to be 68°. With temperatures to stay below 71° and above 47° there will be an increased chance for storms.

Stay with us for the “Best” weather forecast in the Valley.