Rock slide causes traffic slowdown

Photo Courtesy Steve Matto

PLUM BOROUGH, Pa. – PennDOT crews were called out for a rock slide that occurred around 9:15 am just about 1/8th mile up the road from Logan’s Ferry Save-A-Lot. AKVNEWS sources said there were no injuries and no vehicles were involved involved at the time of the slide.

A freeze-thaw cycle we see in the winter is responsible for the numerous rock slides in the Alle-Kiski Valley. During the winter, the first freeze may cause a crack to form in the rock, and when it thaws, water will fill the crack. During the next freeze, that crack may grow into a crevasse and may eventually break off.

As the temperatures rise over the next few weeks and the rain is part of the daily forecast, the potential for much larger rock slides increases as ground surfaces become unstable. A report of a rock slide has just occurred on Greensburg Road near Lower Drennan Road as of 3:21 pm today.


State Police Youth Week seek applicants

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HARRISBURG, Pa. – State Police Youth Week ( June 8-14 ) is sponsored by The American Legion Department of Pennsylvania and The Pennsylvania State Police.

Program overview: Cadets participate in a wide variety of instructional sessions with Local, State Police and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. You will learn how to work as a team and be taught self-esteem, as you will be the future Leaders of our state and nation. There will be classes in Pennsylvania Vehicle and Crime Codes, forensic sciences, radar, riot control, tactical drug operation through the use of specially trained dogs, weapon firing, and other police related skills. Recreational activities will be scheduled as time permits. This is a six-day camp used to introduce students in all procedures of law enforcement. Cadets march to their classes in platoon formation and have drill competition. You should be physically fit and have a good academic record to be able to participate. This is not a recreational camp.

Eligibility: Cadets, female or male student who has turned 15 yrs old by the start of camp & has not turned 18 yrs old by the end of camp. The Post or District Commander, or his/her representative will interview each cadet nominated to select candidates, and their alternates. Cadets must be in good health, with no physical defects, and have an average or above standing in their class and of course express a personal interest in either law enforcement or military service.

Cost: Fee of $150 includes meals, water bottle, ball cap and (3) t-shirts. This is paid by the sponsoring American Legion Post/Unit or other civic group. This fee is non-refundable

Transportation: This is the responsibility of the sponsoring group or the parent(s) of the student.

To participate or to find out additional information about State Police Youth Week contact Department Headquarters at 717-730-9100


Baby falls from first floor window in Arnold

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ARNOLD, Pa. – Arnold Police and New Kensington EMS Services were called to the 1500 block of Victoria Avenue after a one year old baby fell out a one story window. Police are investigating this incident and according to AKVNEWS sources, the baby girl had a slight bump on her forehead.

The infant was transported by New Kensington EMS to Childrens Emergency. Her condition is unknown and the incident occurred about 6:00 pm Saturday evening.


Apollo-Ridge Education Association’s Big Spring Clean Up of Apollo Borough

Community Photos

APOLLO BOROUGH, Pa. – Headed by Chris Kostiuk, Apollo-Ridge Association’s Secretary organized a big spring clean up of Apollo Borough this morning that consisted of a volunteer force of Borough Officials, Community Volunteers and Apollo-Ridge Students. Lunch and Refreshments was provided by Swank Law Offices and a mulch donation by Apollo Landscape Supply.

The areas cleaned up were Apollo Plaza, the business district and sidewalks along PA Route 56/66. Items collected consisted of abandoned tires, weeds, gravel, soil, and litter.

Community Photos

Apollo Hose Company No. 2 also helped by taking down decorative Christmas banners throughout the business district. Apollo Borough Mayor Jeff Held said the rain held off and it was really great to see all the volunteers from around the community. It was a successful day, and they made a lot progress. Six truck loads of debris was taken to the town’s dump. Approximately 25 volunteers came out to help. This years cleanup started at 10:00 and finished up at 3:30 when the rain began to fall.

Community Photos


Attorney General Kane cautions consumers to be on the lookout for income tax scams

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HARRISBURG - Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane today advised consumers to be wary of potential scams surrounding the upcoming deadline for filing taxes.

Specifically, the “Internal Revenue Service” phone scam involves a caller claiming to be from the IRS and that taxes are owed. The caller threatens arrest or deportation, unless the victim settles the debt using a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer.

According to the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, the IRS typically contacts citizens by mail about unpaid taxes and will not ask for payment with a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer. They will never ask for a credit card number over the phone.

Consumers should not to reply to emails and hang up the phone if they are asked to pay IRS taxes. Attorney General Kane offered the following tips to help consumers avoid this tax-season scam:

  • Keep tax paperwork in a secure location.
  • Shred any documents that are no longer needed.
  • If filing online, update firewall, antivirus and spyware software on your computer.
  • Do not click on any links or open any attachments in suspicious emails.
  • Do not leave tax documents in your mailbox. Hand deliver documents to the post office or a post office mailbox.

For more information about tax-related scams and scam alerts, visit the IRS website at


Three arrested in New Kensington-US Marshall Service makes entry into residence

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NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – UPDATE:  3-29-2014 @ 7:37 am.  Pittsburgh homicide suspect Jamirre Wilkes was arrested by US Marshalls at a home in the 500 block of Freeport Road, New Kensington Friday morning.  Wilkes is charged with killing Caleb Williams, 20 of Turtle Creek in December, 2013.  Wilkes is being held in the Allegheny County Jail.

Original Story:  The US Marshall Service made entry into a residence at 507 Rear Freeport Road to serve an arrest warrant on a male target individual they were looking to apprehend. They also arrested two other male subjects while inside the residence, said New Kensington Detective Lt. James Klein.

A second subject was arrested and possibly wanted for criminal homicide in Pittsburgh. The third suspect was arrested on a firearm charge because of where he was laying in proximity to the one firearm they found. These suspects may also be charged with narcotics but it depends on a little bit further into the investigation, said Klein.

Detective Lt. James Klein also said a tenant of the house, a mother of an eight month old baby could be charged with paraphernalia and narcotics. Detective Klein said three adult pit bulls and two pit bull puppies were removed from the residence that was in extremely deplorable condition. Dog feces everywhere, clothes and diapers all over the floor, the bedrooms, dirty dishes everywhere. The children’s bureau had been contacted about the deplorable conditions.

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The target of the entry by the Marshalls will be charged with paraphernalia, drugs and narcotics, possession with intent to deliver. When asked about what drugs they found, Detective Klein said they found marijuana and heroin.

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Multiple bags of evidence were removed from the residence. Detective Klein told AKVNEWS the role of the New Kensington Police Department was to assist the Marshalls. Once they made entry to make their arrest, the investigation was turned over to New Kensington Detectives for further processing of the crime scene.


Elderly patients transported from East Deer home

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EAST DEER TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Police, Fire and two EMS services were called to a house in the 1000 block of Parsonage Street in East Deer before 7:00 am for a possible carbon monoxide poisoning incident. East Deer Fire Chief Jack Bailie said two elderly patients were transported to the hospital.

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Chief Bailie said the elderly male was lying on the floor and the female patient was upright. Fire crews were inside the residence taking carbon monoxide readings and the highest reading was over 60 ppm. The chief said the cutoff number where they like to be is around 30 ppm. Online sources say 100 ppm or greater can be dangerous to human health. East Deer Fire authorities shut the gas off to the residence.

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One male patient was transported by Eureka EMS and the elderly female patient was transported by Station 121 New Kensington EMS.

Firefighters were ventilating the large home by natural means, opening doors and windows. Fire crews are remaining on scene until the gas utility arrives for further investigation.


Pa. consumers to begin receiving refunds from settlement of e-book price fixing lawsuit

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HARRISBURG – Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane today announced that Pennsylvania consumers will begin receiving account credits or checks this week as part of a partial settlement of a 2012 e-book price-fixing lawsuit brought by the U.S. Department of Justice and Attorneys General from 33 states.

The lawsuit was brought against Apple Inc. and five of the six largest e-book publishers in the country, including: Hachette Book Group Inc.; HarperCollins Publishers LLC; Simon & Schuster Inc.; Holtzbrinck Publishers LLC (doing business as Macmillan); and Penguin Group (USA) Inc. These e-book publishers settled the claims against them for a total nationwide payment of $166 million. Pennsylvania’s share of the settlement is $6.7 million.

Consumers will receive an account credit or check, which will be based on the number of eligible e-books purchased during the claims period (April 1, 2010 to May 21, 2012). Whether a consumer receives an account credit or a check depends on the retailer from which the e-book was purchased. In certain circumstances it will be based on whether a claim was properly filed or whether a consumer specifically requested a check.

Eligible consumers should review their email for communications from their e-book retailer, or from the Settlement Administrator regarding account credits or checks. For more information on the settlements, visit

Apple declined to settle the claims against it, and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York conducted a three-week trial in June 2013. Following that trial, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote found that Apple played a central role in facilitating and executing a conspiracy to eliminate retail price competition in order to raise e-book prices, in violation of federal and state antitrust laws.

A second trial to determine the amount of damages Apple must pay for that violation is scheduled for the summer of 2014. If successful, additional account credits or checks will be distributed to Pennsylvania consumers in the future.