Armstrong County 15 year old youth dies after earlier fall in school


Yatesbore, Pa. Armstrong County – Armstrong County Coroner Brian Myers released his report on the death of a 15-year-old Damian Michael Campbell, Age 15, of 153 Forth Street after Campbell was found at home in cardiac arrest by a friend who witnessed him slumping forward to the floor and became unresponsive.

On arrival of the ambulance, Campbell was in cardiac arrest and following CPR was flown by medical helicopter to Armstrong County Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Campbell reportedly fell at school during gym class Monday at West Shamokin High School, Cowanshannock Twp, and was examined and treated for an elbow and shoulder injury. He was cleared by the school nurse and returned to class and later went home. It was at his residence that his friend witnessed Campbell sit up on the edge of his bed and fall face forward to the floor.

An autopsy was performed and there are no signs of injury, struggle or trauma. The cause and manner of death is pending microscopic tissue and toxicology exams. The incident occurred on September 22, 2015.


Male stabbed on Kenneth Avenue in New Kensington

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New Kensington, Pa. – One person is stabbed after having an argument on Kenneth Avenue about 6:30 pm Tuesday evening.

Law Enforcement Officer Sgt. Paul Manke said John Lopata, age 39 of New Kensington was taken into custody after a stabbing occurred in the middle of the street near the 800 block of Kenneth Avenue. The victim’s name is not being released however Sgt. Manke said the man did not suffer a life-threatening injury and was transported to a Pittsburgh hospital.

Lopata faces charges of simple assault, reckless endangerment and utilizing an instrument of crime. Lopata will be arraigned sometime Wednesday. AKVNEWS continues to follow this story and will update as more information becomes available.


Lower Burrell Dairy Queen roof catches fire during repairs

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Lower Burrell, Pa. – Multiple fire departments from surrounding communities responded to a roof fire located at the Dairy Queen located at 305 Greensburg Road about 3:14 pm Tuesday afternoon.

Lower Burrell Kinloch Station #54 Assistant Chief Zach Mower said work crews were on the roof of the Dairy Queen making repairs with torches when the structure accidentally caught fire. 911 was notified immediately of the incident. Fire was contained by a quick attack of 20 minutes resulting in smoke damage to the left front corner of the building.

Mower said the fire was mostly contained between the roof and the ceiling. There are no injuries to report. Greensburg road was shut down to traffic in both directions as fire crews laid 6″ fire hose across the roadway. Most fire crews returned into service about 4:30 pm.

AKVNEWS will update this story as more details become available.

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Parnassus 9-year-old artist a breath of fresh air

Artist Kitty 709 displays the AKVNEWS.COM mobile newsroom work of art.

Artist Kitty 709 displays the AKVNEWS.COM mobile newsroom work of art.

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Parnassus, Pa. – (New Kensington) Here’s a good piece of news from Parnassus as a local artist sets up shop at the corner of 6th Street and 5th Avenue on Monday afternoon about 2:00 pm.

AKVNEWS has just finished a photography shoot for a local business and was meandering through the streets of Parnassus when our eye caught a young girl sitting at the corner of 6th and 5th who appeared to be possibly selling some lemonade or water, so we decided to stop and get a drink.

After approaching 9-year-old Annora B….., it was clear there was no water in sight but a cell phone, artist pencils, and paper. With her business sign blowing in the wind, Annora was quick to point out her “real name” is Kitty 709. I asked Kitty 709 how much it would cost for her to draw a picture of the AKVNEWS truck and she pointed to the blowing sign that said, “.75 cents.” Figuring that was a great deal, I asked her if she could draw the AKVNEWS truck without all the vehicle pursuit damage sustained a couple of weeks ago and she said, “Sure!”

Kitty 709 seemed a bit distracted by her favorite TV show SpongeBob SquarePants blaring from her phone, but she picked up a piece of paper and pencil, looked at the truck and appeared to be in deep thought when suddenly she began to draw the outline of the truck. Kitty 709 quickly apologized for using a regular black pencil because her black drawing pencil was missing from the box. As Kitty 709 looked back and forth at the truck, I attempted to have a small conversation with her; like how long have you been in business and do you have a business card, etc? Kitty 709 didn’t make much eye contact with her customer nor did she respond to my questions; she continued to sketch and fill in the AKVNEWS artist rendition.

As Kitty 709 put on the finishing touches to the AKVNEWS.COM red lettering on the truck, I asked her how much money she made today? She reached over to the plastic container and she said, “you can count it” and I said Nah!, that’s ok – looks like you’re doing ok! AKVNEWS donated $3 to the container and while that was occurring, a young black male driving in the area stopped to see what was going on. That young man smiled and donated $2 to Kitty’s cause!

I thanked Kitty 709 for the artist drawing and asked if I could get her picture? She seem shy to smile big for the camera, but we got the shot. As I walked away from her drawing table, Kitty stood up and to my surprise, she had roller blades on and sped away down the sidewalk.

My parting thoughts in meeting Kitty 709 were filled with joy and you quickly realize that there is HOPE that someday the violence and crime in our world will one day end!

Thank You Kitty 709!

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New Kensington Police/detectives seize heroin and cash in Mt. Vernon

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New Kensington, Pa. – Police executed a drug search warrant on a house in the Mt. Vernon section of New Kensington at 10:45 am Monday morning.

Detective Sgt. Sam Long said the house located at 375 Riverview Drive and owned by Diane Hunter had a search warrant executed for drug activity which resulted in the seizure of 41 heroin bags, $4600 in cash, a small amount of marijuana and miscellaneous drug paraphernalia.

Det. Long said Sean Hecker, age 22 of Mt. Vernon and Steven Hecker, age 21 were arrested and will be charged with Possession w/intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a small amount of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

Both suspects will be arraigned in night court. AKVNEWS will continue to follow this story and update as more information becomes available.


Sisters involved in shootout after actor pulls gun on bar patron

Shatiza Jackson escorted to Kensington Lockup after Arnold street shooting.

Shatiza Jackson escorted to Kensington Lockup after Arnold street shooting.

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Arnold, Pa. – Multiple gunshots ring out overnight near the intersection of 18th and 6th street after a family feud took place at a bar on 5th Avenue in Arnold just before 12:30 am Monday morning.

Arnold Police Chief Shannon Santucci-Davis said Shatiza Jackson of the 2100 block of Leishman was at Augie’s Bar on 5th Avenue in Arnold when she pulled a gun on a patron that led to her sister, (who is reported to be a bouncer), removing her from the bar. The incident began after the actor got into an argument in the bar and spilled out into the street near 18th Street and 6th Avenue.

Witnesses near the scene said they heard at least 4 shorts ring out when the sisters began shooting at each other. Only one .45 caliber casing was located by police. Chief Santucc-Davis said a victim came to the station to report the incident.

At the police scene on 5th Avenue and 18th Street, multiple police units searched the area on foot for Shatiza Jackson in multiple locations focusing their efforts on the railroad tracks along Constitution Boulevard near the Arnold Car Was. More than six Law Enforcement Officers walked a long area of the tracks looking into bushes, back yards, and vehicles however the actor was nowhere to be found. Police utilized tracking efforts during the extensive search to try to locate the actor. Multiple police units from Lower Burrell, New Kensington, Upper Burrell and Arnold scoured a 1 mile radius and beyond that ended with negative results.

At one point, police had an idea of where to look based on additional tracking information and were able to arrest Shatiza Jackson at her workplace in Upper Burrell Township near White Cloud Road. Shatiza Jackson was taken into custody and transported to New Kensington Lockup about 4:15 am. Chief Santucci-Davis said Shatiza Jackson was being arraigned about 11:00 am Monday morning. There were no injuries to report in the incident.

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LB Law Enforcement Officers Mike Ondo & Brandon Noll search tracks for suspect along Constitution Blvd. in Arnold

LB Law Enforcement Officers Mike Ondo & Brandon Noll search tracks for suspect along Constitution Blvd. in Arnold

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Apollo Mayor Jeff Held extends police resources to bring vandals to justice

Mayor Jeff Held

Mayor Jeff Held

Apollo, Pa. – ( A message from the Mayor) The spray painting of tombstones in Kiski Township’s Riverview Cemetery is devastating to families throughout Apollo, the Kiski Valley and beyond.

In recent weeks, there have been reports of similar acts of destruction throughout the area. Due to similarities in the graffiti markings that have been found defacing buildings, I feel that they may all be the work of the same person or persons.

As Mayor of Apollo Borough, I am extending the full cooperation and resources of Apollo’s 6 member police department. Together with Kiski Twp PD, we hope to find the perpetrators of this horrible crime and bring them to justice. Local businesses will be asked for their cooperation as we review surveillance camera footage and interview staff in hopes of seeing charges filed and restitution made to those effected by their blatant acts of vandalism.

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In the meantime, families with questions regarding these criminal acts are asked to contact the Riverview Cemetery Association at (724) 478-1381 or . They can also be mailed 717 Highland Avenue, Apollo, PA 15613.

Vandals recently spray painted about 199 grave-markers at the Riverview Cemetery just off of Highland Avenue in Apollo. An emergency Cemetery Association meeting will take place Monday to go about a plan to get the markers fixed.


Springdale Township police pursuit ends in crash on Riddle Run Road

Springdale Township Law Enforcement Officer Joe Martino escorts female suspects to New Kensington Lockup

Springdale Township Law Enforcement Officer Joe Martino escorts female suspects to New Kensington Lockup

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Springdale Township, Pa. – Two females and a male are jailed after a police pursuit in Springdale Township that ended with a crash before 2:00 am Sunday Morning.

Springdale Township Law Enforcement Officer Joe Martino said he was following a Silver Chevy Malibu near Glassmere Fuel just South of the New Kensington bridge when he randomly ran the plate on the vehicle and notified Allegheny County North dispatch. Dispatch reported the vehicle was stolen. Officer Martino turned his emergency lights on in an attempt to stop the vehicle and the pursuit began towards Riddle Run Road.

The female driver made the right turn onto Riddle Run Road. Inside the vehicle was a female in the passenger seat and a male was in the back seat. As the pursuit headed up Riddle Run Road towards the stop sign at Murray Hill Road, Officer Martino said at one point the female driver nearly lost control of the Malibu on one of the sharper curves but was able to regain control continuing to the stop sign at Murray Hill Road. Officer Martino said the driver ran the stop sign crossing Murray Hill Road and into the dead end street of Riddle Run Road where the vehicle hit a tree and a metal fence. Damage to the Chevy Mailbu was reported as moderate.

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Finally stopped and at gunpoint, the suspects were advised to stay put until additional units arrived on scene to assist Springdale Township. All three suspects had arrest warrants issued for previous charges that were not immediately known by Officer Martino. The female driver is from Greensburg; female passenger is from Springdale and the rear seat male passenger is from Harwick. The male suspect was immediately transported to New Kensington lockup awaiting transport to Allegheny County Jail.

Both females were injured from the impact of the crash and were transported by East Deer EMS to Allegheny Valley Hospital with minor back and neck pain. Both females were treated and subsequently transported to New Kensington lockup. The male passenger was not injured. Officer Martino said drug paraphernalia was found inside the vehicle and a more thorough search will be conducted sometime today.

Officer Martino said a thanks goes out to Tarentum, Springdale Boro, Frazer, East Deer and Cheswick Police Departments for their assistance during the pursuit and apprehension at the scene. AKVNEWS will update this story as more information is released. The names of the suspects were withheld pending further investigation.


Cat dies from shooting in Harmar Heights

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Cheswick, Pa. – Christianne McCall of Center St in Cheswick reported to AKVNEWS.COM her cat was shot today in the Harmar Heights area by someone with a 22. The cat named Felix had do be put down due to damage in his leg and the bullet entering his abdomen.

McCall said she lives in a very quiet neighborhood and her cat has been outdoors for a long time. She said she is so sad that someone would do this to a harmless animal and her and her husband would like to let the public know to keep their cats inside. “I don’t want anyone else to tell their children that their beloved pet has died.”

A police report will be filed. Anyone in the Harmar Heights area who has any information on this incident is asked to call police by dialing 911.


Apollo’s Riverview Cemetery vandalized with spray paint

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Apollo, Pa. – James Kunkle, board member from Riverview Cemetery Association said this morning he was alerted about 8:00 am after a gentleman was placing flowers on a wife’s grave when he noticed grave-markers were defaced sometime Friday night.

Kunkle said about 199 grave-markers being of granite and bronze were defaced and apologized for those family whose markers were victims of this incident. An emergency Cemetery Association meeting will take place Monday to go about a plan to get the markers fixed. Kunkle will investigate how to go about getting the markers back to their natural state.

Kunkle also said he doesn’t understand how someone can be this disrespectful; however this person that did this has no respect for anything and it’s a shame this has happened.


Alle-Kiski Valley team leader and kids an inspiration for National Thank A Police Officer Day.

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Allegheny Township, Pa. – This Saturday is “National Thank A Police Officer Day”. Felicia Junod of Allegheny Township says this is her 3rd year as a Team Leader for the National Thank A Police Officer Day here in the Alle-Kiski Valley.

Felicia and her two kids will be taking treat bags, baskets, cards, pictures, and letters that were collected to 20 plus Police departments on Saturday in the Alle-Kiski Valley. Felicia says she’s pretty passionate about this project that was all started by the Whole Truth Project 4 years ago and is an administrator for the local Facebook group, (National Thank A Police Officer Day- AK Valley Team).

This year, two additional schools are collecting items for bags (Kiski-2nd year, Burrell & Mary Queen of Apostles) as well as a few churches, dance studios, sports teams and community donations. Junod said they also had many businesses allowing them to hang our flyers this year. We will be thanking at least 25 departments this year said Junod, possibly more depending on final donations and number of cards and pictures.

Last years numbers for Thank A Police Officer Day were a great success for the project.

-11 departments received baskets with individually packed bags for each officer (135 total bags)
-3 additional departments received large gift baskets filled with all the items in the bags.
-5 additional departments were mailed cards/pictures
-We received a total of 594 Thank You cards/pictures

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3 vehicle crash injures two in Tarentum; one transported to hospital

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Tarentum, Pa. – Tarentum Police and Fire units responded to a three vehicle crash in front of the Marathon Gas Station about 2:15 pm Friday afternoon.

An elderly female driving a Pontiac Grand Prix was helped from her vehicle after minor entrapment to the drivers side door and loaded into Eureka’s EMS unit for transport to Allegheny Valley Hospital. A second female driving a white 4 door sedan was also injured injured in the crash with a minor neck injury and refused EMS treatment. The third vehicle, a white cargo van driven by a male also involved in the crash was not injured.

Fire units from Highland Hose and Eureka Fire Rescue and EMS assisted police at the scene. Terry’s Towing of Brackenridge removed all three vehicles from the roadway. The cause of the crash is under investigation. Traffic onto 6th Avenue at the Marathon was blocked for approximately an hour while crews processed the scene.

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