Star Networks USA Recalls Magnicubes Due to Ingestion Hazard; Firm Settles Administrative Lawsuit


WASHINGTON, D.C. –The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Star Networks USA LLC, of West New York, N.J., are announcing a voluntary recall to refund for all Magnicube Spheres and Magnicube Cubes. The recall of these high-powered magnetic sets is announced as part of the settlement of an administrative case filed by CPSC staff in December 2012, which sought a mandatory recall of the Magnicube products.

From 2009 to the present, CPSC staff has received numerous incident reports of ingestions involving small, high-powered magnets, including many that required surgery. This recall is intended to protect children and teenagers from the deadly risk of injury that can occur when more than one magnet is ingested.

CPSC urges consumers to immediately stop use of all Magnicube Spheres and Magnicube Cubes and check for magnets that have become separated from the set.

Star has agreed to provide a full refund to consumers who return a full set of Magnicube Cubes or Magnicube Spheres. Consumers who return less than a full set shall receive a refund that is prorated based on the percentage of magnets returned. Consumers should contact the firm at to request a refund.

Magnicube Spheres and Magnicube Cubes sets contain from 125 to 1,027 high-powered rare earth magnets and were made in China. About 22,000 sets were sold for between $20 and $80 on, and via Groupon.

The settlement resolves CPSC staff’s allegations that the Magnicube Spheres and Magnicube Cubes create a substantial product hazard. Star disputed these allegations, but has agreed to the recall in settlement of the allegations in the Complaint.

It is illegal under federal law for any person to sell, offer for sale, manufacture, distribute in commerce, or import into the United States any Magnicube Spheres or Magnicube Cubes.


Road rage, felony theft and unauthorized use sends suspect to jail

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KISKI TOWNSHIP, (ARMSTRONG COUNTY), PA. – An incident of theft of a motor vehicle/unauthorized use was reported by Pennsylvania State Police investigating Trooper Timothy R. Amy on August 10, 2014, after the incident occurred at Sabino’s Super 56 Service located along State Routh 56 in Kiski Township.

The victim had been getting work done on his 1995 Ford Mustang and had paid them in full, $440 for all the work that had been completed. The accused in this incident, James Francis Sabino, age 28 of Apollo is an employee of Sabino’s Super 56 Service and is the son of the owner of the business. The owner was aware and gave the victim permission to come get the vehicle about an hour before they arrived at the garage.

When the victim arrived, his vehicle was located behind the garage plugged into a battery charger. The victim unplugged the charger and got into his vehicle headed out onto Rt. 56 with his mother following him. Sabino then ran out of the service station and jumped into a white Jeep Cherokee as the father was yelling at him not to chase the victim. Sabino then entered Rt. 56 and cut off the victims mother headed west on Rt. 56. Sabino took off at a high rate of speed as he pursued the victim, tailgated and followed him at an unsafe speed. The accused then exited from behind the victims vehicle and pulled along side his vehicle and took position in front of him hitting his brakes frequently in an effort to box him in.

This road rage continued for approximately 2 miles before Sabino forced the victim into the parking lot area of A&G Auto Parts in Kiski Township with Sabino boxing the victim in with his vehicle. Sabino’s father pulled into the parking lot area area a short time later and pulled in behind the victim. Sabino then got into his father’s vehicle and pulled it up further directly behind the victim’s vehicle with the victim being totally boxed in.

The victim did not want any problems and got into his mother’s vehicle and waited for PSP to arrive. Sabino then entered the victim’s vehicle drivers seat area without permission and taking unlawful control of the victim’s vehicle with the intent to deprive the victim of his vehicle. Sabino then started the vehicle and drove it back to Sabino’s Super 56 and parked the vehicle in the front far left corner of the lot. He then parked a F-350 dump truck parallel in front of the victim’s vehicle preventing the vehicle from leaving the property. Sabino removed the ignition module from under the steering column as he secured the vehicle on his property.

Sabino was taken into custody on charges of Felony Theft by Unlawful Taking, Unauthorized Use of Automobiles, Careless Driving, Reckless Driving, Driving on the Right side of Roadway, Driving on Roadways laned for traffic and following to closely.

Sabino was arraigned via video arraignment by on-call Magistrate James Andring and was subsequently placed in the Armstrong County Jail in lieu of a $5,000 monetary bond.


Insurance fraud carries big risks, costs


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HARRISBURG - Attorney General Kane is warning Pennsylvania residents that insurance fraud can get them into a lot of trouble and that costs trickle down to every resident.

Today, her office released its monthly newsletter detailing the office’s insurance fraud arrests and convictions.

“Insurance Fraud is one of the most costly white-collar crimes in America today, with estimated losses in the billions of dollars annually,” Attorney General Kane said. “The cost of insurance fraud is paid for by all of us through increased insurance rates, and higher costs for goods and services, business expenses and health care.”

The Office of Attorney General’s Insurance Fraud Section is the largest law enforcement entity in Pennsylvania charged with specific authority to investigate and prosecute insurance fraud. The section’s attorneys and agents strive to protect and ensure the integrity of the system, as insurance impacts many aspects of every Pennsylvanian’s quality of life.

The Insurance Fraud Section’s newsletter for July 2014 can be downloaded herePast monthly newsletters can be found on the Insurance Fraud section of the Attorney General’s website.

Common types of insurance fraud include false reports of auto accident circumstances and timing, home burglary, personal injuries and health insurance claims, prescription drug diversion, “slip-and-falls” and working while collecting workers’ compensation benefits. Many examples of insurance fraud can be found here.

From January 2013 to July 2014, the section has made 216 arrests. In the same time period, the section is also responsible for more than $3.58 million in restitution being paid, and $245,800 in fines and 10,970 hours of community service being ordered. The efforts of the Attorney General’s Insurance Fraud require the use of no taxpayer funds.

In 1994, legislation was enacted in Pennsylvania establishing the Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority (IFPA) and a Fraud Trust Fund.  All insurance companies, authorized to transact business in Pennsylvania, pay an annual assessment into the Fund.  These funds provide financial support to the Insurance Fraud Section and other law enforcement agencies to support insurance fraud investigations and prosecutions.

Private citizens can report allegations of insurance fraud using this online form or calling the IFPA’s hotline at 1-888-565-IFPA (4372).

If consumers have a complaint involving an insurance company that does not involve fraud, they should contact the Pennsylvania Insurance Department at 1-877-881-6388 or the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection at 1-800-441-2555.


Woman flown by medical helicopter after Days Run Road crash

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FRAZER TOWNSHIP, PA. – A single vehicle crash on Days Run Road in Frazer Township sends one woman to the hospital by way of medical transport overnight. Joyce Bertram, 56 of Tarentum ran off the roadway and hit several small trees just before midnight as firefighters and EMS rushed to the scene for the unresponsive woman.

Frazer Police Chief Terry Kuhns said the cause of the crash is under investigation. It’s unclear if Bertram suffered a medical emergency or some other situation occurred. Chief Kuhns said as of 7:00 am this morning, Bertram was in stable condition after being flown to Allegheny General Hospital.

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Bertram was transported from the scene of the crash to a landing zone along Bakerstown Road by Eureka EMS. Frazer #1, Summit Hose, Eureka Fire Rescue, Eureka EMS and East Deer EMS responded to the scene at 11:35 pm.


Cat missing from early morning house fire in Tarentum

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TARENTUM, PA. – No injuries were reported early Monday morning in a house fire located in the 300 block of East Tarentum. Crews diligently worked in the basement of the 2 story structure to put out the fire that apparently started with a humidifier/dehumidifier according to Assistant Highland Hose Fire Chief Bill Brucker.

Resident of the house, Joyce Lunsford said she hear a boom and got out of the house and went next door to seek help from her neighbor Beth. Beth said there was a pounding on the door and Lunsford was with her son to report the fire. Beth said she called 911 and the fire departments arrived 2 minutes later.

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A visibly shaken Lunsford was worried for her cat Pepper who was not located while her family dog Brooke was being taken care of by her neighbor. Fire crews worked at a side window and in the basement as light black smoke was ventilated from the house.

The fire marshal was on scene at 11:29 am.

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Citizens Hose, Summit Hose, Highland Hose, Tarentum Pd & Eureka Fire Rescue responded to the scene along with Eureka EMS.


Car fire at the gas pumps in New Kensington

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NEW KENSINGTON, PA. – Police and fire departments were dispatched to the Sunoco gas station along Tarentum Bridge road after a vehicle caught fire at the gas pumps. Law Enforcement Officer Kevin Hess arrived on scene and quickly used up two fire extinguishers in an effort to put out the fire.

Unable to open the hood, Officer Hess notified Westmoreland 911 requesting fire departments expedite. Stations 56-5 & 3 were dispatched and arrived on scene to spray water thru the front of the vehicle and open the hood with a portable hydraulic jack. Any potential for any additional fire was eliminated. Volunteer firefighters appeared to disconnect the vehicle’s battery and subsequently completed a minor wash down at the pumps.

The cause of the fire is unknown and was towed from the scene by Elias Towing of Arnold. No injuries were reported in the incident. New Kensington and Lower Burrell EMS were on standby at the scene.

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Heavy fire on the Rt. 56 bypass, two injured

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LOWER BURRELL, PA. – Law Enforcement Officer Mike Ondo said the fire was so hot he couldn’t get near the Chevy Suburban reportedly slowed/stopped for a deer crossing the roadway on the Route 56 bypass near Sylvan Drive at 6:15 am Saturday Morning.

Volunteer firefighters from Lower Burrell responded to the bypass to find the Suburban fully involved in flames after a pickup truck struck the rear of the Suburban. The rear of the truck was severely impacted and a heavy smell of gasoline permeated the air at the crash scene. The rear tires were burned off and the interior was completely burned out all the way to the drivers seat. The other vehicle, a Chevy pickup sustained moderate to severe front end damage and had to be towed from the scene.

Lower Burrell Police reported 2 injuries with one male being transported to Allegheny Valley Hospital by Lower Kiski EMS, and the second male transported to the hospital by his wife. Lower Burrell volunteer firefighter James Sabulsky said he could see the sky lit up as he was coming down from the Hillcrest Country Club area and turning onto Leechburg Road as he headed to the fire station.

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Lower Burrell Police shut down the bypass for about an hour while firefighters shoveled burned rubber from the roadway and cleaned up the massive debris field. Tow crews were called to the scene and the roadway was reopened around 7:30 am. Police requested 911 to notify PennDOT to come out and inspect the charred roadway possibly damaged by the intense heat and flames.

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John Salem, tow truck driver for Salem’s Auto body removed the Suburban from the crash scene. Both AKVNEWS and Salems headed back across Leechburg road and as AKVNEWS turned into the McDonald’s parking lot to grab some breakfast, he noticed in the rear view mirror moderate flames shooting out the rear of the suburban as Salems went by. Unable to place his order and skipping breakfast, AKVNEWS headed to the second scene to alert Salem of the fire. Salem said he saw the smoke from the rear and after making a left hand turn into his lot, retrieved a fire extinguisher to try to put the fire out. Salem quickly unloaded the truck as LB firefighters arrived on scene to put the fire out for good. It appeared the spare tire area that had been crunched heavily in the crash is where hot rubber was smoldering.

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Leechburg bank robber behind bars after second robbery attempt

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LEECHBURG BORO, PA. – (UPDATE @ 9:25 pm)  Leechburg Police Chief Mike Diebold released the following information on the Farmers & Merchants attempted bank robbery that occurred at 1:08 pm Friday afternoon.  The white male suspect, Clifton Chapin entered the bank and employees instantly recognized Chapin as the same man that robbed the bank on July 31, 2014.  Employees activated the security alarm and motioned to the bank security guard Daniel Peck.  Mr. Peck gave chase to the suspect and bank manager Mark Mazgay also gave chase.  It was through their efforts that they were able to identify the get away vehicle with distinctive markings and numbers.

Officers from the Leechburg Police Department responded to the scene and Chief Diebold took operational command for disseminating suspect information.  It was through the quick actions of all the agencies involved police were able to get the actors name and vehicle information.  Chief Diebold and Officer Schaeffer made an assumption on direction of travel notifying the Kittanning Barracks of the Pennsylvania State Police.  

Troopers observed the vehicle on State Route 28 near the Fox Chapel Exit and were able to stop the vehicle.  The suspect was transported to the Kittanning State Police Barracks for a police interview and photo line-up.  Chapin did make a full written and verbal confession to both incidents involving F&M Bank.  Other agencies involved were the Armstrong County Sheriffs Department and the Gilpin Township Police Department.  Chapin’s drivers license photo was identified by officers as matching the suspect in the bank video from both occasions.  

Chapin was arraigned at Magisterial Distric Court Honorable James Andring, Leechburg, Pa.  Capin was apologetic and cooperative for his actions

(Original Story) For the second time in as many weeks, The Farmers and Merchants Bank in Leechburg has been hit by what appears to be an attempted bank robbery early Friday afternoon. Details on this incident are still coming in, however Pennsylvania State Police took a man into custody who was driving a white box truck along Route 28 south near Fox Chapel sometime after 2:00 pm.

At the bank in Leechburg, unsuspecting customers making their way down the sidewalks to the bank were shocked to learn the bank may have been robbed again. Inside the bank, several investigators including a State Police officer, Leechburg Police Officers, and bank security personnel were sifting through surveillance information and photographs.

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Leechburg Police Chief Mike Diebold said a suspect would be interviewed in the incident, however a positive identification of the suspect has not been made as of 4:30 pm. It’s unclear when the bank will reopen for normal business.

The banks hours are listed as follows: Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm