Man pinned under vehicle after car crash in Frazer Township

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FRAZER TOWNSHIP, PA. – Rescue crews from Eureka Fire Rescue rushed to the scene of an accident along Butler Logan Road for a man trapped underneath his vehicle. It appeared the red SUV was traveling away from the Mills Mall when the vehicle crossed the centerline and struck a small dirt embankment in a residential yard next to the highway. Radio dispatch reported the man was pinned under his vehicle.

The other vehicle was a small mini-van driven by Sharon Arce’s mother of Cheswick. Arce said her mother and niece were headed towards the Mills Mall and had to stop her van for fear of being hit head-on by the approaching vehicle as it crossed the center of the roadway. Arce said after the red vehicle hit the embankment the front wheel of the red SUV was resting against the back side of her van. Both her mother and niece were transported to a local hospital.

Rescue crews called for air bags and a conventional tow truck expedite to the scene along with multiple EMS units. LifeFlight was dispatched to the Frazer Township Fire Department for a landing zone. Rescue crews requested the medical flight crew to go directly to the crash scene and also requested blood to be transported immediately.

Eureka’s Deputy Chief Brad James said its standard practice anymore to call for tow truck assistance to the scene when key words are heard in the dispatch or size up of the emergency. Eureka works with Terry’s Towing Service and includes wrecker service as part of their rescue training. It’s important both crews work together in harmony at the scene. Today’s incident required both vehicles to be “married up” and stabilized before patient extrication could begin. The vehicles were chained together said James, a process that works well towards insuring complete patient safety as the actual rescue begins. The young man was partially ejected in the crash, and suffered crushing injuries to his torso and abdomen. The victim was flown to Allegheny General Hospital by LifeFlight.

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AKVNEWS reported on a story just a day ago when a young girl was trapped in a tree with injuries in East Deer Township. That story partially highlighted Eureka’s Heavy Rescue truck and its incredible value to the communities it serves. This was a crash of major proportions where a man’s life is literally on the line by the enormous scope of the incident. Not enough thanks can be said to the rescue crews, mobile Pulsar units, police, firefighters, EMS crews and fire police for their dedication and volunteerism to come, “To the Rescue”, these past few days. Motorists are urged to slow down this holiday weekend.

LifeFLight flying to AGH after a man is rescued from  underneath his vehicle.

LifeFLight flying to AGH after a man is rescued from underneath his vehicle.

Assisting Frazer Police were Frazer Township Fire Departments, Eureka Fire Rescue, AK-Pulsar, East Deer Fire and EMS, Springdale Fire, New Kensington EMS and Citizen’s Hose EMS.


Undercover investigation lead to arrest of suspected child predator

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ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA. – HARRISBURG – Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane announced this past Friday the arrest of an Allegheny man as part of ongoing efforts to target the online sharing and distribution of child pornography.

According to the criminal complaint, Daniel Stewart, 29, 408 Sharon Road, Apt. 104 A, Coraopolis, Allegheny County, used a peer-to-peer network in order to make files – containing prepubescent children engaged in graphic sexual acts – available for download. Agents conducting an undercover investigation successfully downloaded those files and through the computer’s IP address identified Stewart’s Allegheny County apartment as the source.

A search of Stewart’s residence resulted in the seizure of a laptop and other electronic devices, which contained apparent child pornography. Stewart was taken into custody on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014, and charged with six counts of possession of child pornography, three counts of distribution of child pornography and one count of criminal use of a communication facility.

Attorney General Kane thanked the Moon Township Police Department for its assistance with the investigation. The case will be prosecuted in Allegheny County by Deputy Attorney General Anthony Marmo of the Office of Attorney General’s Child Predator Section.


Vehicles collide at New Kensington intersection

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NEW KENSINGTON, PA. – No injuries to report after a two vehicle crash at the intersection of 7th Street and Stevenson Boulevard near noon this Labor Day Weekend. The crash occurred when an Oakmont driver failed to see the red light at the intersection.

The driver said she was headed for home after shopping at Giant Eagle on Tarentum Bridge Road. When she came to the red light just past Valley High School she said she didn’t see it was red. A Buick driven by a New Kensington man was coming from 7th Street making the right hand turn onto Stephenson when the collision occurred. New Kensington Police was assisted at the scene by two Lower Burrell EMS units and Pennsylvania State Police. Hawk Towing of Arnold cleared the crash scene.

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Driver uses median to make a pass, then crashes



9:02 am

ALLE-KISKI VALLEY, PA. – Crash #1 in East Deer Township just north of Exit 12. A 1999 Mercedes-Benz Convertible was traveling in the left lane northbound on SR 28 when driver Kamicca Williams 34, of Pittsburgh passed a vehicle in front of her by using the median. William’s vehicle then got back in to the left lane passing another vehicle in the right lane.

Williams lost control of her vehicle while attempting to get into the right hand lane. Her vehicle struck the guard rail and proceeded off the roadway and struck a street light. The vehicle then spun in a clockwise direction and came to a final rest with the rear bumper on the guard rail facing east. Shortly after the Benz came to rest, the street light collapsed onto the expressway blocking the right northbound lane.

Williams and her passenger, Willis Washington Jr, 40 of Arnold were not wearing their seatbelts. Both occupants suffered moderate injuries and were transported to Allegheny General Hospital. The crash is still being investigated and appropriate violations will be charged according to Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Vaccaro. This crash occurred at 11:22 am.

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Crash #2 occurred 44 minutes earlier just south of exit 16 in Harrison Township and was also investigated by Tpr. Vaccaro. Operator Blaise Lewis Bowman, age 24 of Freeport was traveling at an unsafe speed while attempting to pass a car in the left hand lane by going into the right hand lane near mile marker 23 in Harrison. Bowman lost control and began to spin counterclockwise going across the left lane from the right lane and struck the guardrail. The vehicle then struck the guardrail a second time and began to roll over. The vehicle came to rest in the left lane on its drivers side facing west. Bowman was wearing his seat belt and was not injured. He refused any medical treatment.

Appropriate charges will be filed.


Harrison’s Officer Cottone & Citizen’s Hose Fire Chief Jones pull trapped man from burning truck

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HARRISON TOWNSHIP, PA. – Allegheny County 911 dispatched fire and rescue crews to a single vehicle crash on Burtner Road near Dallas Avenue Friday evening around 6:00 pm. The dispatch said a vehicle was on its side and burning with entrapment.

Harrison Township Law Enforcement Officer Christopher Cottone and Citizen’s Hose Fire Chief Sean Jones arrived on scene to confirm a fire and entrapment. Several minutes passed by with no update on fire or rescue progress.

Multiple fire and EMS units were also being dispatched or diverted to the crash scene at the top of Burtner Road. Police were blocking the roadway at Dallas Avenue and diverted traffic at the northbound ramp Exit 15 from the Allegheny Valley Expressway. Moments later it was reported extrication was complete. The crash victim was pulled out through the windshield and Officer Cottone suffered a minor cut to his arm during the rescue. He was treated at Allegheny Valley Hospital.

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Northbound expressway motorist John Thomas of Natrona said the northbound green Chevrolet pickup he was following got off the Exit 15 ramp and made the turn up Burtner Road. By the time he had exited the expressway, the pickup truck was nearly out of sight at the top of Burtner hill. Thomas said he did not see the crash, but more of the aftermath dust and debris.

At the crash scene, it appeared the driver was moving at a high rate of speed up the hill and failed to negotiate the slight curve to the left prior to Dallas Avenue. The right front tire was well off the highway, climbed a curb and slammed dead center into a pine tree. The force of the impact broke the trunk of the tree from its root base and ripped it completely out of the ground.

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Sources at the scene said there was a smell of alcohol and a blood draw was requested. The man was taken to Allegheny General Hospital with possible knee injuries. Gillette Towing arrived on scene pulling the root base away from the truck, then hooked onto the frame to pull the vehicle back onto it’s four wheels. Firefighters cut the tree into pieces and removed debris from the roadway.

Law Enforcement Officer Chris Cottone -- Citizen's Hose Fire Chief Sean Jones

Law Enforcement Officer Chris Cottone — Citizen’s Hose Fire Chief Sean Jones

Harrison Law Enforcement Officers were assisted at the scene by Hilltop Hose, Pioneer Hose, Eureka Fire Rescue EMS and Citizen’s Hose EMS.


9 year old girl rescued from tree in East Deer Township

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EAST DEER TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Police and rescue crews from Eureka Fire Rescue and East Deer Fire department responded to a call for help after a 9 year old girl was trapped with injuries in a tree in East Deer Township. The dispatch from Allegheny County 911 notified fire departments the youngster could possibly have a broken leg or hip.

Rescue crews did a great job with efforts to keep the girl calm while crews worked to get her body stabilized without causing to much pain during the rescue. Hydraulic tools were utilized to spread apart or stabilize the tree branches. A step ladder was utilized to support the end of a backboard as she was slightly lifted from the wedge and coaxed towards the backboard.

The brave young girl was placed on the stretcher and injury evaluated by medics before being transported to Children’s Hospital by East Deer EMS. The youngster was just playing in the tree when the accident occurred, said family friend Kelly.

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The Alle-Kiski Valley communities are fortunate to have highly skilled medics and dedicated rescue personnel ready to help at a moments notice. The heavy rescue truck is equipped like a hardware store with lights, saws, bars, pipes, chain saws, jaws of life tools, etc. Hats off were in order at the scene with plenty of “thumbs up” as crews freed the youngster from the tree. At the request of the family and East Deer Police Chief John Manchini, images of the little girl’s face were not published in our story.

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As alwsys:


Upcoming DUI Checkpoint at various locations in Butler, Armstrong, and Allegheny Counties

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KITTANNING, PA. – Pennsylvania State Police Troop D will be conducting a stationary DUI checkpoint from Friday (8-29) to Sunday (8-31) in the patrol areas covered by Troop D. Motorists are reminded to observe the traffic laws and slow down.

Coming upon a checkpoint means you should have your drivers license, registration and insurance information ready for vehicle verification at the sobriety checkpoint. Most importantly, motorists are reminded to never drink and drive or drive under the influence of drugs.

IN NEW KENSINGTON: This past weekend, a sobriety checkpoint was held by multiple police departments from the Alle-Kiski Valley near Valley High School. As of 2:30 am Sunday morning, police on scene indicated at least 6-7 motorists were tested for possible DUI.

The US Department of Transportation reports every 2-hours, three people are killed in alcohol-related highway crashes. The consequences of drinking and driving are arrests, property damage, injuries, and thousands of deaths each year. An estimated 4 million U.S. adults reported driving under the influence of alcohol at least once in 2010, yielding an estimated 112 million alcohol-impaired driving episodes. Men accounted for 81 percent of these incidents.1

Given the rate of driving under the influence of alcohol, it is remarkable that the fatality rate is not greater. Alcohol-related highway crashes accounted for 13,365 deaths in 2010 (as shown in figure 1). In addition, alcohol-related highway crashes annually cost Americans an estimated $37 billion.2

However, drunk driving awareness and enforcement efforts such as Zero Tolerance Laws may be having a positive impact. The percentage of alcohol-related fatalities decreased from 50.6 percent in 1990 to 42 percent in 2009. And all 50 States, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, now have a 0.08 blood alcohol concentration limit for determining if drivers are driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), up from just 2 in 1990.3 Among major crimes, driving under the influence has one of the highest arrest rates with more than 1.4 million DUI arrests in 2010.4


House fire on Murray Hill Road overnight

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FRAZER TOWNSHIP, PA. – Multiple fire units were on scene of a house fire on Murray Hill Road overnight after a neighbor called 911 for help. Radio reports indicated smoke showing as fire crews raced to the scene and quickly knocked down the blaze that appeared to have started on the lower floor.

Jake Holeczy said he called 911 and went next door to find his neighbor standing at the bottom of the wooden steps. Fire was spreading quickly as Jake lead his neighbor down the steep steps and away from her house. A heavy plume of smoke was seen from the Tarentum Bridge.

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The house is situated part way up Murray Hill Road on the left hand side of the road. Getting to the house required firefighters to climb steep steps to get to the house. Vinyl siding had been burned away and flames were seen at the front of the house closest to the road. Firefighters gained access to the roof to cut a hole for ventilation.

Frazer Township Police said just one female lived in the house and one cat is missing. There were no reports of any injuries and the fire marshal was called to the scene to investigate the cause.

Fire units at the scene were Frazer 1 & 2, Arnold #2, Eureka Hose Rescue, Summit Hose, Springdale VFD, New Kensington #1, East Deer, Lower Burrell #69 and several EMS units.


“Move Over” law major problem on SR. 28 & 422

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KITTANNING, PA. – Cpl. Christopher Robbins of the Pennsylvania State Police talked to AKVNEWS at a recent head-on crash scene about the need for motorists to “move over” when emergency vehicles and tow trucks have their emergency lighting activated.

Cpl. Robbins said Title 75, Section 3327 requires motorists to move over to the other lane when passing stopped emergency vehicles. If you can’t move over due to traffic, then the law requires you to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your speed when passing the stopped emergency vehicle. Troopers have and will be vigorously enforcing this statue said Robbins. It’s a summary offense with floating fines ranging from $85 to $250 plus court costs. The following statute applies:

§ 3327. Duty of driver in emergency response areas.

(a) General rule.–When approaching or passing an emergency response area, a person, unless otherwise directed by an emergency service responder, shall:

(1) pass in a lane not adjacent to that of the emergency response area, if possible; or

(2) if passing in a nonadjacent lane is impossible, illegal or unsafe, pass the emergency response area at a careful and prudent reduced speed reasonable for safely passing the emergency response area.

(b) Penalty.–Any person violating subsection (a) commits a summary offense and shall, upon conviction, pay a fine of not more than $250.

Cpl Robbins said motorists failing to move over continues to be a major problem on SR.28 and SR.422 in the local area. In the interest of Officer, First Responders and motorist safety, PSP thanks the public for their cooperation in observing and obeying these laws.


Vehicles collide on Freeport Road in New Kensington

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NEW KENSINGTON, PA. – Police and EMS crews were sent to a vehicle crash at the intersection of Freeport Road and Camp Avenue early Thursday morning. The collision involved a Chevy Malibu driven by an elderly woman and a People’s TWP pickup truck.

The female driver of the Malibu was not able to exit her vehicle due to crash damage to the driver’s door and subsequently slide across the front seat area to get out of her car. New Kensington EMS evaluated the male truck driver at the scene while the elderly driver of the Malibu was evaluated and transported by Lower Burrell EMS.

New Kensington Police were assisted at the scene by Arnold PD. The cause of the crash is under investigation. Hawk Towing of Arnold cleared the roadway of debris and towed both vehicles from the crash scene.

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High heat takes toll at New Kensington food bank

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NEW KENSINGTON, PA. – At least one person was transported to the hospital by Lower Burrell EMS after high temperatures and a long wait in line affected families at today’s Westmoreland County food bank. The call for dispatch from Westmoreland 911 sent multiple EMS crews to 5th Avenue’s First Presbyterian Church with multiple patients suffering from extreme heat conditions.

Today’s high temperature reached 87 degrees as residents waited patiently for the long line to move along. EMS crews treated an additional 3-4 patients as the scene and Lower Kiski’s MERV unit was called in as a precaution for additional patients. MERV (Medical Evacuation and Rehab Vehicle) is capable of handling large scale situations when events and incidents can overwhelm EMS crews. Once the Rehab Vehicle was on scene, crews began to bring out portable seating for those at the scene in need. Additional services available include oxygen, bathrooms, cardiac monitors, ekg’s and much more.

MERV’s Primary Missions include:
· Multiple Patient Evacuation from High-Rise, Nursing Home, Hospital, and Similar Medical/Residential Facilities
· Medical Rehabilitation Services for Emergency Responders at Large Scale, Prolonged, or Incidents in Austere Weather Conditions
· Mass Casualty Incident Response
· On-Site Medical Treatment at Large Scale Special Events
· Disaster Emergency Medical Response
· Tactical Incident Emergency Medical Response

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Capabilities: 18 Stretcher Confined Patients, 25 Seated Patients, Any Combination In Between Plus Multiple Wheelchair Confined Patients. Lower Kiski Emergency Services, in conjunction with Armstrong County Department of Public Safety and Pennsylvania Region 13, is proud to have the MERV 116 at their disposal.

Purchased by the Pennsylvania Region 13 All Hazards and Counterterrorism Task Force, this innovative, multi-mission unit, was designed by Chief Peter J. Frejkowski and the Staff of Lower Kiski. The unit was built by Sartin Services, Inc. and is capable of being reconfigured “on the fly” for a multitude of emergency missions, including, but not limited to patient/resident evacuation and relocation, multiple casualty incident response, emergency responder rehabilitation, disaster response, special event medical coverage, and hospital surge response.

New Kensington Fire Department #2 assisted at the scene.


A-K Valley at 84 degrees, Feels Like -95 in Antarctica

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ALLE-KISKI VALLEY, PA. – Hot weather takes it toll on concert enthusiasts last night at the Austin Mahone concert in Pittsburgh when they began to fall ill a little after 8 p.m.

EMT’s and paramedic emergency responders treated a total of 38 people, eight of whom were taken to the hospital. One of the patients was a 14-year-old girl who was taken to UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The signs of heat exhaustion during the summer concert shows how dangerous this warm weather can be.

Keeping cool isn’t just a matter of comfort. Illnesses like heat stroke, cramps and heat exhaustion are serious conditions that can be prevented when the temps get to high. Here’s a few tips to help you cope.

1. Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the refrigerator for a quick refreshing spray to your face after being outdoors.
2. Change the time of day for your workout – wear light colored clothing, and slow down your run or jog to a snails pace.
3. Put a bottle of water in the freezer and take it with you when you’re ready to go outside.
4. Stay inside in the AC and avoid caffeine or alcohol.
5. If your AC is on the fritz, there’s always the Mall.
6. Pay special attention to the elderly, infants and anyone with a chronic illness as they dehydrate easily and are more susceptible to high temperatures.
7. Make sure your pet has water and shade – no exceptions!

Take all the precautions needed for the remaining summer season. Days are getting shorter and remember it could be worse than it is……temps hit a high of -59 in Antarctica today.