Murder suspect Rahmael Holt arraigned in New Kensington Tuesday morning

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New Kensington, Pa. – Accused with the murder of New Kensington Law Enforcement Officer Brian Shaw, Rahmael Sal Holt was transported back to New Kensington from Hazelwood near Pittsburgh Tuesday morning. A Pittsburgh SWAT team coaxed Holt from a residence in Hazelwood in which one other male was present.

Holt, who’s last known address is Natrona Heights, arrived amid heavy police presence at the District Magistrate’s Office to face his preliminary arraignment before the Honorable Judge Frank J. Pallone Jr. Escorted by New Kensington Police Chief Jim Klein, Holt wore the handcuffs belonging to fallen Law Enforcement Officer Brian Shaw. Holt stood before the judge and was given a copy of the criminal complaint and faces charges of H1 Murder of A Law Enforcement Officer of the First Degree, H1 Murder Of The First Degree, F1 Possession Of Firearm Prohibited and F3 Firearms Not To Be Carried W/O License.

Holt told the judge he would attempt to seek a private attorney. Members of the media filled the back row of the courtroom while constables, police chiefs and law enforcement officers stood by as Judge Frank Pallone explained the process to Holt and advised him of his next hearing on 11/29/2017 @ 10:00 am in New Kensington. Bail was denied and Holt was sent to the Westmoreland County Jail.

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Holt exited the front door of the magistrates office and did not answer any media questions as he was placed in a New Kensington patrol car. Heavy law enforcement security stood in strategic locations as the patrol unit was driven away from the magistrates office. Some members of law enforcement embraced each other with hugs as emotions ran high over the killing of their Brother Officer Brian Shaw.

© Image Copyright | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

A press conference was held at the New Kensington City Council Chambers shortly after 10:30 am as Greensburg State Police PIO Tpr. Stephen Limani addressed the media introducing New Kensington Police Chief Jim Klein.

Fully stressed and devastated from the loss of one of his officers, Chief Jim Klein addressed the media by saying there is a small sense of relief that we feel as a Department and as a community that Mr. Holt was taken into custody. We are very very thankful that he was taken into custody and nobody else was injured. That was a major concern, but we are very very thankful that nobody else was injured in this incident and also feel a sense of relief for the City of New Kensington; cuz I know they’ve been on high alert and on edge for the past several days and hopefully this gives them a little bit of relief that this is coming to an end.

I want to thank everybody that was involved in this. The amount of time and effort that went into this investigation, truly probably can never be explained to where you guys will be able to understand it. These guys, everybody, when I said the other day multi-jurisdictional, state, federal, local levels that’s no lie – everybody put in around the clock; it was remarkable, since the incident happened.

Where we go from here to Police Department? At this point, now we will be able to try and start to grieve with the Shaw family…. Our department will be getting back to Police Operations later this week, and we are going to have grief counselors here for all the officers naturally, staff, city employees… and will definitely be bringing in professionals to have people to talk to and express our feelings.

I want the City of New Kensington residents to know that, “soon” they will be seeing us back out there on the street. We will be the ones coming and knocking on your door when your reporting that barking dog complaint. We will be the ones coming and knocking on your door, when you are reporting any type of incident going on in the city, we will be back.

Last but definitely not least, Thank You, to the citizens of New Kensington who offered……… our officers are dedicated to providing the best possible service to protect you and keep you safe. There’s no better example than Officer Brian Shaw, who gave his life serving this community.

I promise you, that our officers will continue to serve with the same honor that Brian did; the same dedication and Professional Service that you guys expect and you will receive. At this time, it’s important for me to get to spend time with the Shaw family. Chief Klein said the Shaw Family needs the love and support of everybody in this area…Thank you very much.

From AKNVEWS: This horrific tragic incident and murder has impacted the whole City of New Kensington and surrounding communities. From the Law Enforcement Community, to family and friends, to the core of the community, we will forever be changed by the loss of our Brother, Law Enforcement Officer Brian Shaw. May he rest in peace, and watch over the men and women in BLUE…..

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