Lower Burrell Mayor to run for 54th Legislative District

Image Courtesy Rich Callendar

Lower Burrell, Pa. – Lower Burrell Mayor Rich Callender recently announced that he’ll be running for the Pa. State Legislature in 2018.

Callender, a guardian for fiscal conservatism, has always worked for economic development in the community. Between a multi-million-dollar Main Street Road Reclamation investment for Lower Burrell, and managing the agreement with UHaul to move into a vacant property during his time as Mayor, Callender wants to bring his economic know-how to Harrisburg to bring our community the economic development for education and energy we deserve.

Born and raised in Frazer Township, Mayor Callender attended Deer Lakes School District and now looks to take the fight for local values and community’s economic development from Lower Burrell to Harrisburg.

Mayor Callender lives in the City of Lower Burrell with his wife of twenty-four years, Lisa and his three children. Callender has served the city of Lower Burrell since 2011, first as Councilman (2011-2015) and as Mayor (2015-Present).

Additionally, he serves on the Westmoreland Economic Development and Initiative for Growth as the Executive Treasurer, and is the Sole Proprietor of Kiddieland Learning Center. He earned his BS from Pennsylvania State University where he was then a Nuclear Consultant for over two decades.