LB Police Chief Tim Weitzel: No credible report of child luring

From the Chief of Lower Burrell Police Department: There is a local Facebook post circulating that a possible child abduction was stopped on Grove Drive this week.

The Lower Burrell Police Department was notified about the witness’s observations on Grove Drive. Patrol officers are watching for a black Chevrolet truck with the ladder rack and will positively identify it, and the occupants, if possible.

At this time, we have no credible report leading us to believe the situation observed on Grove was an attempted child luring. We have no report from any parent/guardian on Grove Drive, or from that vicinity, which corroborates the witness’s observation.

That said, I commend the witness for notifying the department of seeing something she felt was not quite right. Officers will continue to watch for the black Chevy truck but currently there is no active investigation into this matter.

Just as the Facebook post says though, please keep a watchful eye over our community. If you see something you don’t think is right, or something that your senses lead you to feel is suspicious, please call 911 immediately and an officer will be dispatched to investigate.

Thank you,
Chief T. Weitzel