Heavy rains cause flash flooding on area roads

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Alle-Kiski Valley, Pa. – Heavy rains and wicked lightning moved through the Alle-Kiski Valley early Tuesday evening after the National Weather Service put out warnings for a possible tornado in and around the tri-county area.

In New Kensington, flash flooding occurred on Freeport Road at Feldarelli Square forcing motorists to utilize the parking lot to get around deep waters while the heaviest of rains came down.

Along Constitution Boulevard near North Street, heavy run-off from the hill collected on Constitution Boulevard forcing Arnold Fire crews to block the roadway until the water receded.

In East Deer Township, 911 reported water on the roadway near the Sheetz Convenience Store.

As of 8:30 pm in the Northern Counties of Armstrong and Clarion, tornado watches remain in effect until 11:00 pm Tuesday evening.