Frankie’s Friends Offering Free Spay and Neuter for New Kensington Community Cats

NEW KENSIGNTON, PA – Thanks to a $12,000 Petco Foundation grant, Frankie’s Friends is offering free spay and neuter surgeries to outdoor community cats, free-roaming feral or stray cats, living in the New Kensington/Arnold area.

This targeted Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project includes cats living in the region west of Tarentum Bridge Road and Stevenson Boulevard (Route 366 to the junction with Route 56 and Logans
Ferry Road). Residents of these areas are asked to contact Frankie’s Friends to report cats in their neighborhoods. The cats will be humanely trapped, brought to the veterinary clinic at 421 9th Street, New Kensington, and provided care including spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, flea treatment, ear mite treatment, pain medication, and any other needed medical care. All cats will be “ear tipped,” a small portion of the left ear trimmed, to identify them as having been spayed/neutered prior to their return to their outdoor homes, preventing recapture and stress.

There will be no charge to residents of the region who bring community cats to the clinic, but proof of residency will be required.

“Targeted TNR is the only way to reduce the number of community cats as well as homelessness, suffering, and death of thousands of cats each year in our region due to overpopulation,” said Dr. Becky Morrow, Veterinarian, Medical Director, and President of Frankie’s Friends. “At least 90% of the cats in a colony need to be sterilized at one time for TNR to be at its maximum effectiveness.

Those cats can reproduce faster than we can get them spayed or neutered otherwise.” Frankie’s Friends plans to continue targeting colonies of cats outside our original target area as resources allow. “We can’t do this alone. We need the help of others in the community that care about the welfare of our cats,” said Kelly Lassinger, Clinic Manager of Frankie’s Friends.

“As many resources as possible in our community need to be used to practice targeted TNR and monitor the colonies.” Owned cats in the region can be brought to Frankie’s Friends for the same services (minus the ear tip) for $5 off the regular cost of $55 for a female and $40 for a male cat (must present verification of address).

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About Frankie’s Friends

Formed in 2010, the mission of Frankie’s Friends is to stop cats from suffering due to cruelty, neglect, disease, injury, and homelessness, and to reduce the number of cats that enter shelters or are euthanized due to overpopulation. Frankie’s Friends is the only non-profit organization in the Western Pennsylvania region with the expertise to directly help cats and the community, assist in the prosecution of animal cruelty, perform high quality high volume spay/neuter, and perform humane research to make the lives of cats better.

Frankie’s Friends spayed/neutered over 8,000 cats and provided free care to hundreds of injured or sick community cats in the past year at the stationary veterinary clinic, located in downtown New Kensington, and on the mobile surgery unit, which travels to communities in 10 different counties. The small non-profit organization also assists other rescue organizations with low-cost care for dogs and other species. Frankie’s Friends recently opened the Cat Adoption, Rehabilitation, and Education (CARE) Center to expand housing for cats that have been rescued and allow space for educational and community outreach events.