Exhaust fan in basement cause of house fire in West Tarentum

Image Courtesy Andrew Spang

Tarentum, Pa. – Multiple fire crews from Tarentum and surrounding communities responded to an abandoned house fire in the 200 block of West 7th Avenue and are still on scene as of 4:00 pm Saturday afternoon.

When crews arrived on scene, smoke was coming from the roof of the 2 1/2 story structure as fire crews breached the front door to gain access to the basement where the fire appears to have started. Summit Hose Fire Chief Josh Fox said the fire marshal determined the fire to have started in a basement exhaust fan. Crews worked on the South side of the structure where fire appeared to get into the walls causing difficulties in extinguishing the fire. From the outside, firefighters cut a large square hole in the center of the roof for ventilation and many of the windows in the structure were also broken out for the same purpose.

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More than half way into the incident, crews went back into the structure after smoke appeared from the chimney and a broken out front window.

It’s believed one person was transported to the hospital for an unknown reason. AKVNEWS will update this story as more details become available.