East Deer-Tarentum Police search river bank after male flees police on Grantham Street

East Deer Township, Pa. – (3:00 am) Police in East Deer Township are looking for a male who fled the scene of a police investigation into a stolen vehicle located in the 400 block of Grantham Street just before midnight Thursday evening.

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Radio reports indicated at least 3 individuals were being detained by police for a short while, then subsequently released from questioning concerning the male who fled the scene. Police were checking the 218 Bar in Tarentum in an attempt to gain further information on the suspect they were looking for. Reports indicated the male fled into the woods at the end of Grantham Street and ended up in the Allegheny River swimming North towards Greco Steel. It’s unclear if the male was still in the water as of 3:00 am or hunkered down in the woods eluding police.

AKVNEWS spoke with a female who was detained by police who said there was supposed to be a gun in the glove compartment but it was missing. Tarentum Police Sgt. Ryan Hanford boarded a rescue boat from Eureka Fire Rescue EMS and headed down river as part of the river search. A Pennsylvania State Police helicopter was called to the area about 2:45 am searching the riverbank but reported to crews on the ground the air search would be terminated for about 10 minutes. PSP did report they would return to the scene after an unscheduled minor detail that needed immediate attention.

A Westmoreland County dive team was put on standy-by during the search detail but advised to “stand down” @ 3:22 am. The State Police helicopter departed the river search area at 3:27 am.

The stolen blue pickup was towed from the scene about 2:30 am. Assisting East Deer Township Police: Tarentum PD, Brackenridge PD, Springdale Boro and Springdale Township PD/K-9 and Summit Hose Firefighters.

© Image Copyright | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

All search details along the river were terminated at 3:39 am.

Both scenes (Tarentum and East Deer) were cleared about 4:00 am.

AKVNEWS.COM will update this story as more details are made available.