Drug Bust in Arnold – Victoria Avenue

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ARNOLD, PA. – Arnold Police Department, along with additional drug task force agencies, raided a 2nd floor apartment at the corner of Rankin and Victoria Avenue. K-9′s from Ligoner and Latrobe were at the scene of the bust.

Arnold Police Chief William Weber said no details would be made available at this time due to further investigations. The house is located at 1800 Victoria Avenue, cattycorner to HD Berkey Elementary School. Several large manila evidence envelopes were seen being carried from the front porch.

20 thoughts on “Drug Bust in Arnold – Victoria Avenue

  1. I believe that no one can predict what will happen when a raid is going on and if you are going to plan it when school is beginning or being let out then let the school and daycares need to know to have have a lock down to keep the children indoors and safer! I believe the last bust on this block a few weeks ago was for someone selling guns and school age kids were walking by to school…. What if they chose to use firearms against police and something fatal happened to a child walking by. I appreciate the work being done but can’t believe the school kids aren’t taken into consideration.

  2. As a new resident of New Kensington, my husband and I are in a nice part of the neighborhood, but it saddens me that people out there choose to sell drugs and ruin the neighborhood where others, hard working civilians such as myself and my husband reside, a strong close knit neighborhood where people watch out for each other makes for a strong community, weeding out the bad and in with the good, I am a strong supporter of our men in blue who fight to keep our neighborhoods safe from these people, I say get a real job and stop ruining others lives and your own, kudos to the men and women in blue.

  3. First, all the children at H. D. Berkey were safe. I really don’t think that they would have put any child at risk, they are professionals. Thank you all for the cooperation in watching this house and believing us neighbors when we were quite suspicious of all the traffic. What is sad, is that the landlord was notified by tenant, neighbors, and police, and did absolutely NOTHING about it. Now, our block will be a safe and happy one again. God bless you all.

    • I know when there was a bust down the street from my house, the landlord was notified by police and he was told to do nothing so they could get the people involved. If he would’ve evicted them, they wouldn’t have gotten the drug bust and the dealer would have gone another neighborhood.

  4. I cannot believe some of the “comments” i am reading here. What is wrong with some of you people? You all know and realize that NewKen/Arnold has one of the worst reputations for drugs in the valley…and all you are doing is complaining about the police and what they are doing, and how school children should not have seen the bust? Seems to me that you don’t really care about anything except complaining. Perhaps that is why things got so bad in your neighborhoods. You want drugs and crime out, get off your backsides and do something instead of whining on the computer.

  5. Willie worked hard to get those nice cars for the city. They are used cars but he saved a lot of money for the tax payers . Maybe your not one of those so I does not matter to you

  6. Wow, the police have the nicest cars on the street! What are they doing with those drugs they confiscate?

    • Oh, but no…the cops are selling the drugs they bust. My family puts their lives on the line all around PA and you people take it for granted. This world makes me sick

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  7. Wow, a derelict in Arnold was taken down, and the cops did their job for once. It must’ve been accidental.

  8. This is what my son got to see as left school. The police could have coordinated this better so the kids wouldn’t have been walking on the street. With society the way it is who knows what could have transpired. Relieved that drugs Jane been removed from our community but not happy that the police put my child and a number of others at risk.

    • If you look at it another way, they got to see the repercussions of selling/using drugs first hand. I’d say that’s a good life lesson for the children. Also, the police and the district stay in contact when anything like that goes down near a school. There was no danger to the students or there would have been a lock down.

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