Driver dies after plowing through basement of house in Manor Township

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Manor Township, Pa. – Armstrong County Coroner Brian Myers has confirmed a man in his upper 70’s has died after plowing his 2005 Chevy Colorado through a residence located on 5th Avenue Ext. in Manor Township sometime after 5:00 pm Tuesday evening. Coroner Myers identified the man as John Paul Marcinek, 77, of Kittanning who died at the Armstrong County Memorial Hospital.

Investigators are deeming the house “structurally compromised” after the vehicle entered the basement/garage area of the home on one side and came out the other. Fire crews had to cut the roof from the red truck to get the man free from the vehicle.

Tire tracks in the snow revealed the driver apparently came from Hill Street, through a long stretch of yard and into the structure.

© Images & Video Copyright Lowes Computers | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

Gayle Weaver, who rents the home said she had just left to pick up her boyfriend and was not at home at the time the crash occurred. Weaver said the house is pretty destroyed and this was the first time anything like this has happened. She is not able to get back into her house due to safety reasons. Weaver is the sole occupant of the house and moved into the house in July of 2017.

A next door neighbor, who did not want to be identified said he was sitting in chair and heard a “bang bang” and thought the furnace blew. He went outside and saw the car, wondered what it was; why it was sitting in the yard. The man put his shoes on and went to the injured man feeling for a heatbeat. His wife called 911. The impact of the crash was so loud it shook the house.

A special team of investigators were called to the scene to determine the viability of the supporting block foundation. State Police were also on scene investigating.

Fire crews from Ford City and Manor Township were on scene working traffic detail.