Arnold Police seize 162 packets of suspected heroin after traffic stop

Arnold, Pa. – A New Kensington man is arrested and sent to the Westmoreland County jail after a traffic stop in the 700 block of Kimball Avenue late Sunday night.

Drugs and cash seized after traffic stop in Arnold on August 6, 2017

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The incident began after Law Enforcement Officer Wes Biricocchi observed a black BMW SUV pass his patrol unit on Freeport Road identifying the operator of the vehicle as Lawrence Richardsen. Richardsen, age 30 of New Kensington was believed to be operating the vehicle while under license suspension.

Officer Biricocchi confirmed the license was under suspension and pulled Richardsen over in the 700 block of Kimball Avenue. As police approached the vehicle, a strong odor of marijuana came from inside the vehicle. Richardsen stated he knew his license was under suspension and for police to simply send him a citation. Richardsen reached into his pocket on two occasions becoming increasingly confrontational when Officer Biricocchi decided to detain him for his own safety.

Lawrence Richardsen

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Richardsen was asked if there was any marijuana in the vehicle and stated to police he was not letting them search his vehicle. Richardsen was advised probable cause was established and upon opening the driver’s door, Officer Biricocchi was able to see marijuana residue next to the driver’s seat in a tray between the seat and center console.

While continuing his investigation, police located a green Crown Royal bag in the passenger door pocket containing suspected heroin. Richardsen was advised he was under arrest for Possession w/intent to deliver heroin. 2 large folds of US currency were seized from Richardsen’s pockets.

While in transport to the New Kensington Police Department, Richardsen managed to slip the left handcuff from his wrist and upon opening of the rear door, bolted from Officer Biricocchi towards the local magisterial office parking lot where he fell.

Officer Biricocchi commanded Richardsen to not move as his taser was removed. Richardsen regained his footing and continued to run North on 4th Avenue. Richardsen was subsequently tased, taken back into custody and walked to New Kensington’s holding cell for processing.

Police seized $1850 in cash, 2 cell phones and 162 stamp bags of suspected heroin.

Richardsen faces the following charges: Driv While Oper Priv Susp Or Revoked, M Poss Of Marijuana, F Manuf/del/poss/w Int Manuf Or Del
M Int Poss Contr Subst By Per Not Reg, Escape, and – M2 Resist Arrest/other Law Enforce

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