Arnold Police execute drug search warrant – 2 arrested

Arnold, Pa. – Police in Arnold continue with surveillance and narcotics interdiction details resulting in the arrest of 2 residents in the 300 block of 16th Street early Monday afternoon.

© Image Copyright | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

Arnold Police said enough evidence was gathered for a search warrant request from District Magistrate Frank J. Pallone Jr. Arrested in the incident was Cory Chapman, age 36 and Sharon Robinson, age 58 of 311 16th Street.

Law Enforcement Officer Wes Biricocchi said when the warrant was executed, 4 people were detained inside the residence but only 2 were arrested. Police said Cory Chapman was found to be in possession of individual baggies of crack cocaine totaling 6 grams. Also seized was $560, drug paraphernalia, crack pipes, marijuana and a digital scale. The evidence was field tested and resulted positive.

© Image Copyright | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

Sharon Robinson is to be charged with conspiracy and possession with intent to deliver and drug paraphernalia.

Both suspects were transported to New Kensington lockup by Arnold Law Enforcement Officer Haus. Arraignment will take place sometime Tuesday. Also assisting at the scene were constables Tom Rushnock and Sam Betts.

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