Arnold Law Enforcement Officers receive training in tourniquet application

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Arnold, Pa. – Law Enforcement Officers in Arnold are now equipped to handle tourniquet applications should the need arise tending to the most serious of wounds that include gunshot and stabbing incidents while on the job.

The training session took place at 10:00 am Wednesday morning with former Harrison Township Police Officer and medic Christopher Burns, founder and CEO of C&G Holsters in Natrona Heights.

The technical definition of a tourniquet is a device for stopping the flow of blood through a vein or artery, typically by compressing a limb with a cord or tight bandage.

All 8 officers were given instructions on patient assessment, recognizing the need for tourniquet application and post procedures once applied. Each officer will have immediate accessibility to the fabric device on their belt with the goal of immediate care to a patient or fellow officer’s need should the situation arrive. Officer Burns said the window of safety lies in about 90 seconds should a severe injury cause the patient to “bleed out”. Time is critical when the wound is so severe for device application, said Burns.

© Images & Video Copyright Lowes Computers | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

The term “high or die” is a phrase most used by instructors during the application/training process. The objective is to place the device as high as possible on the patient’s affected limb, and if necessary, a second tourniquet can be used if the bleeding is not controlled with the first device.

Officers also received training on wound packing and overall patient assessment, which is critical to life saving methods until EMS crews arrive on scene. Arnold Police Chief Eric Doutt said the training is a step forward in the department’s commitment to the community and fellow officers.

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