Another House Catches Fire – Bitter Cold Temperatures Difficult for Firefighters

© Hotshot Images by AKVNEWS/Paul R.Lowes/Staff Photographer 1:07 pm

WESTMORLAND COUNTY, PA – Firefighters in Beaver County dealt with 3 fires today. It was reported a barn caught fire and animals perished in the blaze. Early in the morning in Westmorland County, a fire in Greensburg, and now another house fire has broken out in Westmorland County on Lober Road as of 1 pm. Dispatch is now reporting steps from the first division to the basement are burnt thru.

Simultaneously, and in Washington Township, fire crews are on the way for a call of an odor of smoke in the building @ 4350 Rt. 66 Washington Township Upper North School in the Library. It’s now reported a few truck can return in service.

The working fire on Lober Road had a resident calling 911 with smoke coming from the roof area. When crews got on scene, it was reported the fire was in the basement and all the way up to the roof. Overworked furnaces, space heaters, and electrical issues all contribute to these fires.

Fire crews have been dealing with extreme cold temperatures and injuries to firefighters are increasing due to frigid weather, ice, and extreme heat with these fires. Frostbite and hypothermia are a major concern. EMS crews on scene look after firefighters during an incident for signs of distress as they fight the fire. Crews must take time away from the fire to warm up and be checked out before returning to the fire. Several of these fires reported today have been a total loss.

Fire companies are working to thaw out frozen fire hoses or trucks having issues with air brakes freezing up and trucks not being able to move. 5 firefighters were injured in a North Huntingdon fire on Monday night. None of the injuries were serious.

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