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Submitted by Debbie Painter-Benning – Lilly our Bichon – 13 years old – her Daddy’s Girl….. ! New Kensington

Submitted by Kathy Silvan – Jersey Boy 2 mini dashound. He is 7.5 yrs old. Love to play fetch with a tennis ball. He thinks he is a German shepherd. He has had back surgery for disc herniation. And was just diagnosed with Cushing syndrome. He is doing very well even thro he has had many health issues. He is my sidekick. He is always with me. Love him so much.

Submitted by Barb Wright – This is Piper, a one year old, very energetic, Husky/Lab mix and our Cat, Oscar who is 2.5 years old ❤❤

Submitted by Joni Dolnak – Louie, strutting his fluff!

Submitted by Rebecca Maycock – My dog, Zoey, is a 10 year old Labmation. The most loving, caring, and sweet dog I’ve ever had.

Submitted by Jodi Bussard – Cole, Willie, Jase and Nash

Submitted by Michele Jendrejewski – My name is Tia. I am a 5 year old, 3 legged Italian Greyhound from Sarver.

Submitted by Parker Stitt – Pet Name: Gunner

Photo Submitted by Anthony Latella on 2-5-2017: Mast and sail, tall ships, Erie pa

Photo submitted 7/27/2016 by: Greg Rutkoski

Sunrise over Curtisville from his Harley!

Sunrise over Curtisville from his Harley!

Sunrise 5:47 am in the Alle-Kiski Vally July 1, 2016

Sunrise 5:47 am in the Alle-Kiski Vally July 1, 2016