4th Graders enjoy day of fishing at NKASD D.A.R.E. event

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New Kensington, Pa. – 4th grade students from the Roy Hunt Elementary school took part in the 2nd Annual fishing event in front of Valley High School Monday morning sponsored by D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program taught by police officers from Arnold and New Kensington.

Approximately 24 students were bused to Little Pucketa Creek and began their fishing experience using donated bait, rods and reels accompanied by Seniors and Juniors from Valley High School. The senior class-men helped students bait their hooks and cast their lines in the hopes of reeling in one of the 95 trout stocked into the creek by Laurel Hill Trout Farm.

Arnold Police Chief Eric Doutt said New Kensington Police Officers Sgt. Paul Manke, Officer Joe Locke, and Detective Jim Horwatt teach DARE to the New Kensington students while Sgt. Joe Nixon and Chief Doutt teach DARE to Arnold students.

Local sponsors to the event are the Alle-Kiski Health Foundation, New Kensington’s Seventh Street Sportsman Club and resident Jeff Concoly donated bait.

Chief Doutt said the school’s culinary staff would later fillet and serve up the trout that were caught.

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