Rt. 30 Landslide Update

State, County Updates on Landslide Work and Support of Those Displaced

PITTSBURGH – PennDOT District 11 and Allegheny County have provided the following updates on the Route 30 landslide work and related support of those who have been displaced:
• PennDOT staff is in the process of expediting emergency construction contracts to perform permanent landslide remediation repairs.
• Drilling work has been completed and core samples have been provided to the consultant. Comparisons to the original engineering assumptions will be made to finalize the design for landslide repair.
• Ongoing coordination continues with utility companies to determine impacts from new construction on existing facilities.
• PennDOT is performing environmental activities and placing temporary erosion and sedimentation controls at the landslide site. Additionally, monitoring devices are being placed inside remaining structures and PennDOT is investigating potential waste site locations.
• Emergency repair work will occur on the Electric Avenue culvert at Braddock Avenue. Repairs are necessary due to increased traffic and heavy construction vehicles.
• PennDOT continues to gather information to assist in establishing housing arrangements for permanently displaced tenants.
• Displaced residents were allowed to return to their apartments and homes yesterday to locate essential items. For safety reasons, they were escorted onto and through the properties. The Department of Human Services had mental health professionals on scene to assist as well.
• Housing for displaced residents continues to be provided by PennDOT while the Department of Human Services coordinates with the Salvation Army and American Red Cross for food and essential needs.
• Allegheny County Emergency Services (ACES) continues to gather damage costs due to the precipitation whether from flooding, landslides, utility damages, and river ice jams. A total of 14 municipalities have experienced some type of damage totaling $11.74 million to date. This total does not include the Route 30 landslide. ACES has been, and will continue to, update the PA Emergency Management Agency on our documented damage assessments.
• A number of donations have been dropped off at the hotels as well as the actual site for the displaced residents. We are not are currently able to accept donations as there is not a location to store those donations. Instead, individuals looking to support the residents are asked to make financial donations to the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross which is providing the essential item support to the residents