2 men arrested in Vandergrift drug bust early Sunday morning

Vandergrift Officer Keppel and Officer Albaugh display drug evidence seized from Vandergrift residence.

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Vandergirft, Pa. – While on routine patrol in Vandergrift, Sgt. Tony DePanicis said Law Enforcement Officer Jared Keppel and Officer Joseph Albaugh were stopped on Wallace Street by an individual who stated there was drug activity going on behind 218 1/2 Lowell Street.

According to the police criminal complaint, officers arrived and investigated a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from an open balcony door. Officers knocked on the door and observed through a side window a male jump up and say the cops are here, while continuing to hide a clear plastic baggie under a living room table.

Police said individuals then came to the door and upon speaking with the male, he admitted to hiding a small amount of marijuana. The male went on to say he was not the homeowner and the homeowner was not present. Police were able to identify the homeowner to be Ronald McManus III. Officers did call and speak with McManus on the phone and stated police could go inside his house.

Upon walking into the living room, officers observed a small clear plastic baggie that was placed under a table as well as several baggies on the table and a digital scale with marijuana residue on it.

At this point, officers detained three people inside the residence to obtain a search warrant. Law Enforcement Officer Carricato stayed at the residence detaining those three suspects. At 1:15 hours, officers were able to secure a search warrant for the residence.

The bust:
Arrested in the incident were Ronald McManus III, age 22 of Vandergrift and Drew Lamison, age 19 of Leechburg, Pa.

Inside McManus’s bedroom police seized one red/black duffel bag containing approximately 2 pounds of marijuana, 5 open one gallon vacuum seal bags with an odor of marijuana coming from inside and a black safe locked with a combination.

© Image Copyright | Photojournalist |Paul R. Lowes | AKVNEWS.COM

Located inside Lamison’s bedroom was a black scale with marijuana residue and a 12 gauge shotgun.

Police were also able to seize numerous other drug paraphernalia items.

At 1:55 am, officers went to Babaz Mart on Farragut Avenue taking McManus into custody where he was provided a copy of the search warrant.

Both suspects were transported to the Vandergrift police station and placed in the holding cells. Officers released two persons who were in custody at the time of the bust. Lamison was transported to the Vandergrift police station at approximately 2:31 am and placed in the holding cell.

Charges: Both suspects face the following charges: F Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver, M Use/Poss Of Drug Paraphernalia and M Int Poss Controlled Substance By Per Not Reg. Both suspects were transported to the Westmoreland County Jail in lieu of $5,000 straight bond.